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'If we have to compare with China, I think Pakistan's greatest advantage is that the cotton planted here is one of the best in the world,' said Pakistan ChenOne Home Textiles General Manager Muhammad Amir Mahboob.
Scientists think that the overexpression of this gene in cotton plants leads to an enhanced root-system and allows the plants to perform better and yield more even while facing drought-like conditions.
The distance means between cotton squares and small bolls fallen on the soil with punctures due to feeding and/or oviposition by boll weevil and the lap of cotton plant (cultivar BRS 8H) did not differ with the age of the plant within the first (1-11cm), second (12-22cm), third (23-33cm), and fourth (34-44cm) strips of ground surface and were 7.51, 15.31, 27.65, and 37.74cm, respectively.
Calculations and Analyses: The cotton plant and soil samples were analyzed using a modified ZHT-30 isotope ratio mass spectrometer to determine the 15N abundance, and a K-05 automatic N tester was used to determine the total amount of N.
Retention of maximum bolls on cotton plant gave the estimation of economic yield so mature bolls were counted from each replication.
koenigii in plastic cages measuring 30x18x28 inches (LxWxD) having three aeration holes (4x6 inches each) covered with fine mesh on delinted moist cotton seed and fresh reproductive parts of cotton plant in a general mass rearing; while for experimental purpose, they were reared in 15x9x15 inches (LxWxD) having two aeration holes (3x3 inches each) covered with fine mesh called the plastic experimental rearing cages.
Cotton plant is hydrophobic so water logged areas are not feasible for cotton cultivation.
Subsequently, we evaluated whether the resources provided by some selected plants continued to be exploited by the boll weevil when the main resource (cotton plant) was also available.
Cotton plant damage was simulated by artificially removing cotton leaves and fruiting bodies.
We transferred 150 third-instar mealybugs to each cotton plant (n = 15) and introduced 2 adult female parasitoids 24 h later.
Four tenders for the supply of (a) what is sufficient to cover 70,000 feddans land with insecticides from the recommended and registered bio compounds that fight cotton plant leaves warm eggs hatching, (b) what is sufficient to cover 700,000 feddans land with special and chemical compounds insecticides that fight reproduction of cotton plant leaves warm, (c) what is sufficient to cover 950,000 feddans land with phosphoric compounds and compounds also (d) what is sufficient to cover 310,000 feddans land with biro-thyroid compounds and compounds within the chemical set of the new recommended and registered compounds that fight cotton plant blossoms warms.
Hence, it is essential for the cotton plant to increase other possible sources of assimilate for fruit growth.
Dr Saleem Haider, Director, Institute of Agriculture Sciences and Dr Idrees Ahmad Nasir, Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) have developed a miraculous CLCV resistant cotton plant. CLCV damages about 3 million bales of cotton approx cost Rs 250-300 billion yearly.
Seed Cotton called Kapas in Pakistan and India which is harvested from cotton plant in the fields, Lint Cotton which is known as Ruii in Pakistan and India.