cotton flannel

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a stout cotton fabric with nap on only one side

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She asked for cotton flannel as Christmas gifts, and by mid-January had made the quilts, mostly measuring 18 square inches, and the hearts, made from leftover fabric and about 6 inches each.
The pouch is made with 100% cotton or cotton flannel, and it can be washed repeatedly without losing shape or comfort.
4 Cotton flannel is the material used to make Exotic Mix, a bed ensemble from Wulf ing.
Including bath soak, body wash, body cream, exfoliating gloves, bath crystals, body butter, cotton flannel, body polisher, bath fizzers and a drawstring bag, it's pounds 25 from House of Fraser (
The daily production of this division is 5,000 pieces of ladies nightgowns, men's and ladies Top Pajamas of cotton flannel and blended cloth.
The decorative fabric layer can be light and match the room's style, while a middle layer of black or white organic cotton flannel will afford additional thermal value.
This collection comes in a re-usable tin and includes hair and body wash 250ml, sensitive face wash 150ml, sensitive shave gel 200ml, anti-perspirant deodorant 200ml, post-shave balm 40ml, intensive moisturiser 75ml, cotton flannel and razor, from Boots.
This Love Christmas gift set (pounds 9.95) from The Celtic Herbal Company comes with creamy, moisturising Christmas spice soap and a pure cotton flannel, with vibrant heart motif.
Its first products were imported cotton flannel sheets, discovered by the couple on a backpacking trip to Europe.
Columbine Cody has been shipping its organic Nurture bedding in a fabric drawstring bag, modeled after the cotton flannel bag the company did years ago for its cotton flannel sheeting.
Cotton is often combined with another material--vinyl-coated or plastic-impregnated cotton, cotton backs with plastic ribbed or leather palms, unlined, with cotton flannel or wool lining.
And before you cringe again, know that GladRags are made of highly absorbent, heavyweight cotton flannel and terry cloth and can be machine or hand washed.
We love the Labour Saving Devices Kit, pounds 24.95, which come with a Labour Massage Oil, Bath Enhancer, Instant Re-energiser and organic cotton flannel. From selected Boots or at
Ally McBeal (Calista Flockhart) danced around in counting sheep blue cotton flannel pyjamas, while Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) mooched at home in her red pyjamas with penguins, in Bridget Jones's Diary.