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a peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands


fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together

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Tourism CS Najib Balala Cottar recognised it as a leader in the development of the kind of exceptional and niche tourism integral to the National Tourism Blueprint 2030.
Nao ocorrem sinais de insuficiencia renal em casos de envolvimento unilateral (COTTAR et al., 2012).
"The Hand-Bell Ringers," "Janet Fisher," "Cottar's Girl," and "The Wise-Woman" are standard English quintains, while "The School Children," the only hint of future hope in the cycle, is set apart as a Sicilian quintain.
Oh well, Mr Cottar would understand if she came back some other time to give him the money - she wouldn't forget, but she was in a hurry.
And then again in your 'Cottar's Saturday Night', Your genius there does shine most bright."
An equally powerful idea in the late nineteenth-century construction of Scottish identity was that of social inclusiveness, of laird and cottar dancing together without distinction of class.
(110) Although in later years he would still take on the occasional scene from familiar life, The Cottar's Saturday Night, 1837, and Grace before Meat, 1839, for example, the subject's handling no longer derived from the Netherlandish sources upon which his reputation had been initially established, but rather reflected the new south European masters to whom his devotion had shifted.
Therefore in order to prevent further mischief and that he the said Robert Moncur and his wife and others in the neighbourhood may not be in continual terror and hazard from the said William Bran, the session judge it proper that he be shackled and secured in a house and maintained by the parish, for which they reckon it would be requisite that a peck of meal be paid in to the said Robert Moncur by every farmer for every pleughs labouring in his own land, half a peck by everyone having half a pleughs labouring and a lipie by each cottar and grassman within the parish for maintenance of the said William Bran for one year, and ordains the minister to intimate this to the congregation.
Reggie seems to have modelled himself on George Cottar, the Brushwood Boy, whose hard and conventional exterior concealed a sensitive inner life.
"Grits," Glenn Cottar said quietly, stopping suddenly in the tunnel-like passageway made through the bush by Cape buffalo.
Bringing the story to life are restored cottages and farm buildings - MacCullums' House with its 18th century kitchen and parlour; the thatch-roofed Cottar's House; Smiddy and Corn Kiln, sables and barns, and the ruins of houses, barns and byres.
Some are themed such as Cottar's Camp in the Masai Mara where guests stay in dreamy white marquee tents, furnished 1920's style with canopied four-poster beds.
Unemployed Dunlop, of Cottar Street, Maryhill, in Glasgow, was originally charged with attempting to murder the baby in the attack on December 10 last year.
Betty Cottar is Assistant Principal and Joanne Hansen is a Special Education Teacher at Sam K.
While Harwood argues that Piers's feudal ties to Truth, a lord (5.550-51; 6.131), are strictly metaphorical (101), Kirk believes those obligations to mean that Piers is a cottar (6).