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It's a Spanish blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot and was my sidekick for my cottage pie supper.
Smear |the pureed celeriac on the plate, add the beef fillet and ox cheek cottage pie and the honey roast baby root vegetables as a garnish.
Cottage pie has also been banned by Staffordshire County Council from 350 schools, over fears about its meat content.
OVERNIGHT BRAISED OXTAIL AND BRISKET COTTAGE PIE (Serves four) This recipe comes courtesy of Food Social's head chef Andrew Wilkinson.
Cottage pie derived its name from the top layer of potato, which browned once cooked in the oven, giving the pie a look like the thatched roofs of cottages throughout England.
Safety chiefs also revealed frozen food specialists Oak Farm Foods' Cottage Pie also tested positive for as much as 5% rogue horsemeat.
The cottage pie line at the Castell Howell factory has been suspended.
Personally, I''ve never felt safe with a shepherd or cottage pie.
Ryan Hill, from the same yard, said: "It is clean and the cottage pie was really nice, and it is good that tea and coffee are free.
The new Stage 3 range includes: Seriously Comforting Cottage Pie with a pinch of cinnamon, Totally cool Caribbean Chicken with mangoes, Super scrummy Salmon Risotto with a sprinkle of cheese and Perfectly Pleasing Tomato-y Pasta with plenty of reg.
Stuff the detox, with the temperatures this low, we want cottage pie and apple crumble.
The launch range includes everything from chicken nuggets and beef burgers to cottage pie and pasta.
I had pork belly draft, my mum had cheese and onion pie, my son had bangers and mash and I even ordered the homemade cottage pie for my one-year-old - his first pub lunch.
Cooks at Urban Pie in Birmingham have added to their range of tasty treats with a classic cottage pie.
Except for the fact that it should properly be called a Cottage Pie (Shepherd's Pie, by definition, must be made of minced lamb, not beef) the product, which sells for $5.