cottage industry

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small-scale industry that can be carried on at home by family members using their own equipment

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She commended the NEPC for the support they have given SMES in the cottage industry particularly Mina Stones.
The project is merely focused on women's eye health care related to agriculture and cottage industry women workers.
Key Words: Cottage Industry, Women Entrepreneurship, Local Manufacturers, LoC Trade.
But the rules of the cottage industry cannot be applied to the education sector which doesn't produce any utility items; schools are established to shape the minds of our future generations and to prepare them to be self-reliant and productive participants in society.
In addition to the direct beneficiaries, hundreds of people will gain indirect employment from the cottage industry.
WTO laws are threatening Pakistan's cottage industry and domestic businessmen were expecting irreversible mess as a result of complete promulgation of WTO agreements.
The cartel and cottage industry parasite that issues that special stamp (board certification) that physicians increasingly have to have is the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).
A cottage industry has sprung up where coloured gems, plastic beads and magnets are added to dummies and bottles.
With India's vast population this cannot be achieved by having big industry only, or cottage industry only.
If I interpret correctly the views of Jason Epstein, elder statesman of the publishing world, Collaborative Librarianship in fact takes its place in the rebirthing of a cottage industry. The Random House College Dictionary defines "cottage industry" as, "an industry in which the product is made in a self-employed worker's home (in contrast with a factory)." Beginning in the 1450s in homes and shops, printing and publishing progressed through the centuries to become enormous, multinational corporate empires.
The city government officials said illegal constructions on 174 acres of the cottage industry land were bulldozed during the operation and Rangers had been called for assistance.
It is still considered a cottage industry and the reason for this is that majority of the units do not have full facilities of production under one roof.
TUNIS, 16 Nov, 2009 (TAP) -- Tunisia's National Cottage Industry Authority is conducting Nov.
Initiated jointly by Oran 's SME and Cottage Industry directorate and the German group GTZ, the project, meant for small and medium-sized companies employing less than 20 workers and extended to the provinces of Ain Temouchent and Mostaganem, is part of the field 's development prospects, the source added.
Bobby Yerma, manager for Kalra's Cottage Industry here, said all the work is done completely by hand, from the original drawings to the painting of the designs on grids to the knotting, by local artisans throughout Agra.