cottage dweller

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someone who lives in a cottage

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Cottage dwellers may feel they walk a line between communing with nature and being overwhelmed by it.
So to preserve these special laws for cottage dwellers while still accommodating the in-between operations, states might consider alternative solutions such as fee waivers, training programs, or discounted kitchen space for larger producers or higher-risk foods.
Rempel describes the class struggles between the rich farmers and estate owners on the one hand and the workers and cottage dwellers on the other.
Many of the cottage dwellers brewed their own beer and stout which was usually very potent.
Of course, the great man was not trying to impress the workers or cottage dwellers when he planned the grounds to the Wynnstay Hall Estate, home to the Watkins Williams-Wynn family, a powerful Welsh dynasty in this Shropshire border country.
A patio may seem artificial but really is authentic - it's an up-to-date version of the sitting area outside the kitchen door where cottage dwellers once podded peas or scraped potatoes.