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any shrub of the genus Cotoneaster: erect or creeping shrubs having richly colored autumn foliage and many small white to pinkish flowers followed by tiny red or black fruits

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Avian visitors gobble beautyberry, cotoneaster, pyracantha, toyon, and viburnum, among others.
RED ALERT: Cotoneaster horizontalis FRESH: Euonymus fortunei NATURE'S RESERVE: Ground cover gives shelter and food PURPLE REIGN: Pernettya also known as Wintertime and Prickly Heath
Cotoneasters like moderately fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny spot.
Cotoneasters and berberis both need little introduction and again rank right up there among our most hardy garden shrubs.
Cotoneaster Webber caterpillars are the larval stages of the Hawthorn Webber moth.
ONE of the most common, yet most desirable, garden plants is the all-season shrub cotoneaster horizontalis.
If the birds could choose, they'd go for cotoneaster, hawthorn, holly, honeysuckle, ivy, June berry, rowan, spindle, cor nfl ower, evening primrose, dogwood, crab apple, firethorn, forget-menot, honesty, sunflower and teasel.
Warmer summers, wetter winters and more frequent and harsher storms could combine to wipe out scores of plants, including echinacea and the white cotoneaster.
Other dioecious (those which have sexes on different plants and therefore require a male to pollinate the fruit-bearing female) include Hippophae rhamnoides, Aucuba japonica and Vibrunum davidii, while trees and shrubs that bear ornamental fruit without needing two plants include Arbutus unedo, crataegus, malus, sorbus, pyracantha, cotoneaster, euonymus and berberis.
A IT is a cotoneaster, which has small dark green leaves and red berries in the winter.
For berries: cotoneaster, holly, pyracantha, and roses that have attractive hips.
Cotoneaster horizontalis, the Rock Spray cotoneaster and the Willowleaf Cotoneaster (C.
Try the Croatian island of Korcula 11 Take a river cruise, visit Checkpoint Charlie (and enjoy the beer) in Berlin Homes 12&13 Brighten up the garden with beautiful berries, from cotoneaster to sorbus 14&15 From magic Morocco to trendy London, get some super hotel style ideas 16&17 Take a trip into the future with our look at newtech zero carbon houses 18&19 Take your pick of animalinspired goodies, then see Tricks of the Trade 20 Exactly what CAN you buy for pounds 150k in today's housing market?
Cotoneaster simonsii is not used as much as it should be and yet it can form an excellent 2 metre (6') high garden hedge, only needing pruning once in late summer to remove excessive annual growth and expose the scarlet berries for ripening.