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Vol 9: Cotingas to Pipits and Wagtails (J Del Hoyo, A Elliot and D Christie, eds.).
The gorgeous yellow, red, blue and green feathers of hummingbirds, parrots, herons, spoonbills, blue cotingas, and ducks were gathered from all corners of the Aztec empire, with the most prized quetzal plumes harvested in Guatemala.
Manu's 18,500 sq km protects vast swathes of intact rainforest, dissected by numerous rivers, and some 1,000 bird species, including sought-after gems such as cotingas, toucans, macaws, manakins and the bizarre hoatzin.
Birdwatching is superb, and the rooftop roll call at dawn features amazons, toucans, forest falcons and the sought after blue cotinga.
Tapaculos; Cotingas; Sharpbill; Manakins; Tyrant Flycatchers; Australian Treecreepers; Lyrebirds; Scrub Birds; Bower Birds; Fairy Wrens; Australo-Papuan Warblers; Honeyeaters; Wattlebirds.
The cotingas. Bellbirds, umbrellabirds and their allies.
Las Cotingas se distribuyen principalmente en bosques de tierras bajas y bosques montanos, sin embargo algunas especies habitan en bosques de zonas aridas (Snow 2004, Kirwan & Green 2012).
Las familias con menor numero de especies fueron: Odonthophoridae (Perdices), Podicipedidae (Zambullidores), Phalacrocoracidae (Cormoranes), Anhingidae (Patos-aguja), Threskiornithidae (Ibis), Pandionidae (Aguila Pescadora), Charadriidae (Caravanas y Chorlitos), Scolopacidae (Andarrios, Becasinas), Tytonidae (Lechuzas), Strigidae (Buhos), Nyctibiidae (Biemparados), Momotidae (Barranqueros), Grallariidae (Tororoi), Cotingidae (Cotingas, Fruteros) Vireonidae (Verderones - Vireos), Corvidae (Carriquies o Arrendajos), Troglodytidae (Cucaracheros), Cinclidae (Mirlos Acuaticos) y Mimidae (Sinsonte) con una especie cada una respectivamente.
Purplethroated fruit crows, toucans, parrots, macaws, double-toothed kites, hawk eagles, spangled cotingas (small birds like turquoise jewels).
Using distributions of four bird families (Psittacidae, parrots; Furnariidae, ovenbirds and woodcreepers; Tyrannidae, New World flycatchers, including cotingas and manakins; and Troglodytinae, wrens) plotted onto the same grid used here, Fjeldsa and Rahbek (1998) also found high species richness in the montane Andes, but for these bird data the peak of species richness occurred farther to the north, in central Ecuador (see Fjeldsa & Rahbek, 1998, fig.
Bird-watchers from around the world climb the tower to see the yellow-green tyrannulet, a small bird endemic to central and eastern Panama, as well as elusive green shrike vireos and stunning blue cotingas, both of which are normally hard to spot because they reside in the canopy's uppermost levels.
Cotingas and Manakins.Princeton University Press.624 pp.