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a ball at which young ladies are presented to society


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a lively dance originating in France in the 18th century

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Millicent Hodson, a choreographer, and art historian Kenneth Archer re-created the epochal work through intensive research and educated guesses--a process that has since enabled them to stage Nijinsky's Jeux and Till Eulenspiegel; Massine's Le Chant du Rossignol; and Balanchine's Cotillon, La Chatte, and Le Bal for companies in the U.
One such volume, A Book of Waltzes (Kalmus Piano Series 9476, published by Belwin Mills), included L'Automne-valse, Champagne Wals, Cotillon Valse, and Six Little Waltzes.
He penned the librettos for George Balanchine's Prodigal Son, La Chatte, and Cotillon, co-founded with Balanchine the short-lived Ballets 1933, and later helped Roland Petit launch Les Ballets des Champs-Elysees, which he served in its infancy as artistic director.
Any history of the Joffrey would be incomplete without mentioning the importance to its repertoire of such works as Donizetti Variations, Square Dance, Scotch Symphony and Tarantella, or even the 1988 reconstruction of the very early Cotillon.
Works that Hodson and Archer have attempted to bring to life include Nijinsky's Sacre and Jeux, George Balanchine's Cotillon (their most successful effort so far), and a number of works from the repertory of the legendary Ballets Suedois (1920-25), directed by the wealthy Rolf de Mare, with choreography by Jean Borlin.
Seven years later twenty-eight-year-old George Balanchine created Cotillon for another thirteen-year-old--Tamara Toumanova--who, together with Irina Baronova and Tatiana Riabouchinska, formed the "baby ballerina" trio that helped retain interest in the Ballets Russes after Diaghilev's death.
The night suddenly lost that air of aptness when Jenita Vargas and David Bertlin danced the "Hand of Fate" pas de deux from George Balanchine's Cotillon, last performed by the company in 1988.
Contract awarded for cotillon items required school d-953, item sep 22.