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a ball at which young ladies are presented to society


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a lively dance originating in France in the 18th century

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The National League of Junior Cotillions (1-800-633-7947) is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and has licensed chapters throughout the United States.
CONTACT: Anne Winters of The National League of Junior Cotillions, +1-800-633-7947, cotiolions@nljc.
Nominations are from cotillion students and directors nationwide.
In Northanger Abbey, Catherine Morland observes, "the cotillions were over, the country-dancing beginning" (74).
In The Quadrille and Cotillion Panorama, Wilson provides illustrations that depict the proper arrangement of the set and emphasizes the importance of "always preserving the Figure of the Dance" (28).
Like a cotillion, in which eight dancers move through four locations and execute steps in sets of four or eight beats, Austen's novel also centers on patterns of four and eight.
The cotillion formation established by these individuals and their romances also corresponds to the novel's use of place.
In the text of Persuasion, as in a cotillion, individuals are mobile, yet they are confined by a prescribed set of movements to a limited number of locations and a particular group of individuals.
The Crofts' mobility upsets the reliance that both the cotillion and the Baronetage place on individual definition through physical location, yet Austen's favor toward the navy and depiction of the naval men's upward social mobility foreshadow and support the disintegration of a land-based social structure.
Says Charles Winters, president of the National League of Cotillions, "During the past few years, we have become engulfed in a tidal wave of technology.
The protocols and procedures found in "The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette" are taught by the National League of Cotillions (http://www.
CONTACT: Anne Winters of National League of Cotillions, 1-800-633-7947, or cotillions@nljc.
As Baltzell points out, the founding in the late nineteenth century of institutions like country clubs, boarding schools, rich suburbs, cotillions, and downtown men's clubs, along with the transformation of the Ivy League schools from institutions of ministerial training to molders of a national elite, enormously helped the process along.
Throughout the nation, there are ``these proud old black families with their cotillions, and all that,'' Lemmons said.
Nominations came from cotillion students and directors nationwide.