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Synonyms for cotillion

a ball at which young ladies are presented to society


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a lively dance originating in France in the 18th century

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Civil War Gala Formal military ball and cotillion, featuring period music, dancers and history, 6-10 p.
production service for 300 dinners with table and chairs and tablecloths inlcuida attention cotillion dinner should include entry, drinks, vinopostre.
The cotillion includes monthly classes plus a Holly Ball and Spring Ball, and instructional three, five, and seven course dinners.
She and her five-piece band Cotillion will be performing by the lake and audiences can also bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens before the performance.
A couple of talented Falbrav fillies in Dance Fantasia and Forever Mark could prove to be threatening with their two-kilogram handicap, and Makoto Kaneko, the owner of Triple Crown winners Deep Impact and Apapane, aims to capture yet another Grade 1 medal with Cotillion who was the early second choice.
That gets rid of another five, leaving us with just Lady Eclair, Woolfall Treasure, Cotillion and Dazzling Light.
But while gratis screenings are an established part of the annual awards cotillion, they're a lot different from merely going to the movies.
Beginning with her Cotillion training, through high school and into her college experience in New York, Sarah struggles with the dichotomy of being a Camellia yet trying to find herself and her own identity.
Under a pair of status-affirming chandeliers in the Cotillion Room, women in pearls and men with pocket squares -- some of the hundreds of invited brokers, bankers, developers, appraisers and attorneys -- beamed and dined on lobster tails and cuts of prime rib.
She is a member of the Southern Debutante Cotillion and was presented in Montgomery, Alabama, at the Camellia Debutante Ball.
Louis society at the Veiled Prophet Ball, the largest cotillion in the country.
They occasionally clashed in set-piece battles, but more often they remained clenched in a cotillion of maneuver and survival.
An alternative to the struggle is by meeting an existing market demand, such as occurs at the DARPATech conference, an annual cotillion where defense agencies with wish lists are courted by designers and engineers hoping to establish a relationship based on the nuances of defense and security strategies and technologies.
danced the cotillion too, held a benefit dance and supper
Footage of the Rex Ball introduces a flavor of social history: After a soft voice-over that speaks of the "magnificently mounted masquerades of metaphor," an elegant blond walks the cotillion floor on her escort's arm.