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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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(4.) Cothurnus: thick-soled buskin used initially on the Athenian theatre, and on the Eliabethan stage.
It may have had a deliberate association with notions of the dignity of antiquity, including the use by classical tragedians of the cothurnus or "buskin"--the high-heeled boot of the tragic actor, which gave literal superiority of step and posture.
nexa capillos, 7; fronte comae torva, 12), dress (vestis tenuissima, 9; palla, 12), and their feet (pes illi longior alter erat, 8; Lydius alta pedum vincla cothurnus erat, 14)--he not only describes but also compares the two personified genres with each other in regard to their appeal as women to a man.
(2) Economic categories are essentially interpreted as masks or cothurnus in an ancient Greek tragedy that hide a living face.
It is my sense that we should read the problematic declaration that we will be reading a "tragoedia" and ascending to the cothurnus less in terms of the tale's ending and more in terms of its elevated and literary nature.