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Synonyms for conterminous

sharing a common boundary

Synonyms for conterminous

connecting without a break


Related Words

having a common boundary or edge

being of equal extent or scope or duration

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Members serve for a period of five years, except for the public members who serve coterminously with the Governor.
A review of early cases makes it clear that the term "maxim" was used with some frequency with respect to stare decisis and that it was often used coterminously with words like "principle" or "rule." We can, furthermore, certainly identify cases in which stare decisis was used to signify a kind of rigid woodenness in the application of past decisions to present concerns.
(44) This dual subjection cannot be ignored, for it may itself be seen as essential to the continuance of colonial models, creating the male indigenous anxiety that would demand a reassertion of domestic ordering by the colonized male to counter coterminously both emasculation and the sense of the indigenous threat to domestic ideals.
The 1997 Amsterdam Treaty further clarified the rights of EU citizens and incorporated the Schengen Agreement, which removed common border controls; yet, under this same treaty, the Union coterminously seeks to fortify Europe's borders against unchecked migration by non-EU citizens.
(48) Friedman's insights are significant, since the Vietnamese-Caledonian people's life stories suggest it is important to recognise how gender differentiated their lived experiences and how active agency inscribed the individual, yet coterminously to acknowledge the mutually constitutive ways that individuals were 'engaged in a collective and relational development of meaning systems'.
Coterminously, African Americans opened schools separately from Northern societies and in areas such as Columbia, Springfield, and Pulaski--areas that were less securely under the control of Union authorities.
The term midwife is used coterminously with wet-nurse in Bengali literature.
Due to the semantic fluidity of the process of translation as such, and the traits of these particular translations, Harry Potter in Hungarian, and the fictitious world around him carry British, Hungarian and European (or rather Western) connotations almost coterminously. (66) Toth's translations appeal both to children and adults.
Such is it heard, although, as it is generally acknowledged, something else occurred along with the echo: Nietzsche's celebrated attack on the foundations and overall project of Western culture coterminously self-implodes into a morass of philosophical confusion and ineffectuality.
(68) Thus the imaginative and territorial shrinkage which was a consequence of the foundation of the Free State existed coterminously with a belief in the internal coherence of the Thirty-Two Counties.
(3) More important from a geopolitical standpoint, however, is that the law coterminously represents a radical departure from the post-World War II status quo in East Asia.
Most settlement trusts have been established with the sponsoring Native corporation's Directors serving coterminously as the trustees of the settlement trust.