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sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep

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Cot death is the leading cause of death among babies between a month and a year old.
"Not only that, parents may blame themselves for the sudden death of a baby and ask 'did I do something wrong?' ' "There can also be a stigma attached to cot death and parents can carry all this guilt, and often the way people react can also affect them especially if they are being told 'you can always have another baby.'"If you are struggling with the loss of a child you can call Liverpool Bereavement Services on 0151 236 3932 or email What causes cot death/SIDS?
The Lullaby Trust and Bounty Parenting Club has released research showing that the greatest of these worries are cot death (also known as sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS), meningitis and stillbirth.
Parents who bed share with young babies face a fivefold increase in the risk of cot death. This increase is even found in those parents who do not smoke.
That toll has fallen drastically in the 25 years since the creation of the Scottish Cot Death Trust.
The figures are no higher than elsewhere in the region, but the West Midlands as a whole is a hotspot for cot deaths.
Despite a drop in the rate of cot death in the UK since the early 1990s, experts are advising parents to avoid dangerous co-sleeping arrangements to help reduce these deaths even further.
To investigate a possible link between cot death and socioeconomic deprivation, they compared these deaths with a control group at "high risk" - young, socially deprived mothers who smoked - as well as a randomly selected control group.
Researchers investigated the link between cot death and socio-economic deprivation, by comparing deaths within a 'high risk' control group of young, socially deprived mothers who smoked to a random selection of parents.
And the situation has been exacerbated because the majority of the generation now becoming grandparents became parents significantly before 1991, when information about how to avoid cot death was far less sophisticated, says Polly Taylor, of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.
number of cot deaths by half and has been hailed as "a major public health success".
Parents were warned yesterday about the dangers of sharing a bed with their baby as campaigners stepped up efforts to prevent cot deaths.
Parents were warned today about the dangers of sharing a bed with their baby as campaigners stepped up efforts to prevent cot deaths.
MOST Ulster cot deaths are caused by boozy parents falling asleep and rolling over on their helpless tots, a top doctor has claimed.