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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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They are said to be less costly and to require less product storage on-site than competing NVH foams from Dow Polyurethanes that use a 14:1 isocyanate/polyol ratio.
Bush, urging the two leaders to appoint special envoys in order to avoid a potentially costly trade dispute between the two nations.
It could be costly but we owe it to the gospel, and to those who pursue such paths, to warn that loss of the soul is a poor reward for misadventure.
Both of these endeavors are costly and reflect the importance of producing a casting at the beginning of the initial development phase.
In this way, it is possible to avoid duplicating their costly mistakes.
Many other infants are braindamaged and may suffer severe handicaps requiring decades of costly care and causing untold emotional and financial hardships for their families.
It is worth-mentioning here that costly Rose Wallet building has about 1015 rooms and 52 suits, while a separate suit has been prepared for the President having four bed rooms, Kitchen, terrace and open terrace adjacent to dining hall.
Costly cleanups of contaminated soils or water sources are another set of risks that can manifest themselves following sale to the unsuspecting buyer.
Inexperience administration of the top civic authority instead of earning profit for the institution inflicted loss by selling out costly plots while overall CDA faced a loss of Rs 9 billion due to halting allotment of commercial and residential plots, bill-boards and recoveries of other departments.
Flint, MI, November 20, 2017 --( Human Resources Expert, Vanessa Nelson, announces the release of her new book, "101 Costly HR Mistakes...
THE most popular form of IVF is "ineffective and costly" and may reduce a woman's chances of getting pregnant, an expert says.
I will conclude by arguing that the principles within the ecclesiology and ethics debate of "costly unity," "costly commitment," and "costly discipleship" are also the principles of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.
185), would require the most costly rules to undergo more stringent agency analysis, increase public participation in shaping the most costly regulations before they are proposed, and require that agencies choose the least costly option, unless they can demonstrate that public health, safety or welfare requires a more costly requirement.
Yet I counted less than six MPs out of 650 debating this costly white elephant in the Commons on January 23.
Carlo Costly hit Honduras's first World Cup goal in 32 years but it wasn't enough.