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the quality possessed by something with a great price or value

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All four questions pertain to military risk, which increases with the speed of decisions, the complexity of problems, the costliness of communications, and the implications of failure.
The president expressed his rejection of the phrase "everything is ok" and said, however, that citizens may complain of the costliness, but they know that the responsibility requires exerting more efforts.
If you are having difficulty selecting the right light bulbs for your facility, it might help to identify the costliness of your potential options.
The annual limitation amount would be the dividing line between the major medical coverage that ranks in the top 10 percent in terms of costliness and the rest of the country's coverage.
However, its meaning is not only related to its costliness, but also to the motifs printed on the cloth.
One major reform has been to reduce the relative generosity, and hence costliness, of public sector pensions, while at the same time reducing the intra-generational inequality of outcomes.
The challenge of weight reduction combined with its costliness makes primary prevention of overweight and obesity a more feasible and cost-effective alternative for curbing the obesity epidemic.
This would eliminate the practice of borrowing money to fight these catastrophes, (celled fire borrowing or transfers) and the resulting lack of funding for programs that prevent and mitigate the costliness of these fires.
The legislative history of the law indicates that, in addition to ensuring judicial enforcement of privately made agreements to arbitrate, Congress recognized that arbitration clauses may assist in cleaning up judicial dockets and avoiding the "costliness and delays of litigation."
Volkswagen parts used to have a reputation for costliness, but by and large that's now unfounded.
The first, if not second, thing mentioned by theater owners when confronted by threats from North Korea and their decisions to give in to demands for censorship was the costliness of the inevitable lawsuits that would follow any kind of mishap, even criminal mishaps caused by foreign criminals.
But, more critically, so do minimum auto insurance requirements and the number of uninsured drivers on the road, which can greatly influence the costliness of an accident in certain states.
Jesus' existence for others culminates with his taking upon himself the sins of all people, revealing on the cross the depths and costliness of God's own mercy.
To alleviate both the time and costliness of this process, Millstone has developed pre-validated and universal packaging solutions.