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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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Overall for the consumer, jute bags may become costlier," the official added.
and its CEO, Erwin Robert Hirt in federal district court for illegally paying bonuses and higher commissions to loan originators to incentivize them to steer consumers into costlier mortgages.
These are generating electricity at costlier rate than other companies and their power generation capacity is far less.
1]138819); base price costlier than Toyota Avalon by $2,806 (approximately a[sup.
Rice dealers believe that prices of Basmati varieties increased due to dwindling stocks and heavy buying by brand producers, coarse rice has become costlier due to a jump in exports.
KARACHI -- Motorcycles became costlier in the last five years while local car assemblers have also pushed up prices citing rising value of yen and dollar against the rupee, hike in transportation charges, utility bills, wages etc.
Qatar's cost of living, based on consumer price index (CPI), rose 2% year-on-year (y-o-y) in September mainly on costlier food.
Is it because buying energy at source is costlier and the companies are just passing it on to their customers?
In recent months, the sale of both locally manufactured yarn and fabrics has declined steeply as they are costlier than the imported yarn and fabrics.
During the week ended May 14, cereals became costlier by 5.
Police said the clinic faked patients' charts so it could get higher fees for the costlier surgeries from the Italian national and regional health service - a total of pounds 1.
Firms which refuse, and those with even costlier 0871 prefixes, will have to publicise charges in ads.
It is true to say that Northumberland GP services are generally slightly costlier than in some other areas, however this reflects a number of factors - the huge areas to be covered; the need for more branch surgeries than usual; the many extra services provided to patients in the community than is the norm.
Solutions are not easy to implement, but delaying or not making a decision to formulate a "Plan B" is costlier still.