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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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After seeking advice from my Vaastu consultant, I have decided that I won't be accepting the costlier flat which is worth of 5.80 crores.
Prices of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) or jet fuel will be increased by 10 per cent in March, making flying costlier, industry observers told The Times of India .
'The idea is to apply preemptive measures on tourism areas that show early signs of distress before it becomes a full-blown crisis that will be costlier to correct.
This would be costlier than any other alternatives, such as keeping the children in detention centers or other permeant housing with their parents.
oil prices crashed through the $70-a-barrel mark for the first time since late 2014, foreshadowing costlier gasoline and consumer goods.<br />It's not clear that pricey crude will slow down the economy, however.
A stronger dollar makes dollar-priced gold costlier for non-US investors.
Auto Business News-June 28, 2017--General Motors expects sale of Opel to PSA to be costlier than expected
Alternate Energy is known as one of the most economical source of power generation in the world but in Pakistan some of the alternate energy projects are even costlier than the thermal power plants.
Factories now have expanded seven of the last eight months, suggesting that they have overcome the weight of a strong dollar that makes their products costlier in foreign markets.
Furthermore, the CorSense can improve aircraft safety by helping to locate early stage corrosion spots, which can then be repaired before such corrosion becomes a serious safety issue and costlier to repair.
Vegetables and fruits however turned costlier by 8.13% and 2.61% respectively compared with March prices.
And that if emissions from coal burning were to be neutralised, it would be a far costlier energy source than windpower?
While jute products have already become costlier, their prices may shoot up further as the Centre is contemplating a decrease in subsidy on the ' golden fibre'.
The minister highlighted major energy challenges facing Jordan and ways to address them, especially after Egyptian natural gas supplies to Jordan came to a halt in April forcing the Kingdom to resort to the much costlier heavy fuel.