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When foundries select software, the lead often is taken by employees interested in the system's ability to satisfy needs other than costing, such as order entry, billing, material requirements planning, shop loading and inventory control.
Activity-based costing provides the most accurate response.
CostMate for molded part costing calculates part volumes, weights, and cycle times and includes a machinery database, regrind costs, and other user-specified costs.
The ultimate goal of Alberta Health is to develop a prospective, case-based funding system, using standard costing methodologies across the province.
To ferret out these hidden environmental costs, consider using activity-based costing, which traces overhead and period expenses to products, customer groups and, in some instances, to individual customers.
Conventional costing, by contrast, allocates overhead costs using direct labor content as the primary yardstick--though it also takes other departmental expenses into account.
As a result of its more sophisticated approach to product costing, ABC provides companies with better product costs and a better understanding of product pricing and product mix decisions on their profitability.
Obviously, improper costing and pricing can cost you a fortune.
This introduces a new aspect of overhead costing, which has not been customary other than in special libraries.
Dread diseases that once killed thousands have been dispatched with vaccines costing pennies.
Five years ago, a number of manufacturing companies formed a consortium, Computer Aided Manufacturing-International CAM-1), to develop a new approach to product costing. Since then, this consortium has produced a significant body of knowledge on how new cost management systems should function.
However, their capabilities have been extended to handle many of the basic manufacturing functions including BOMs, purchase orders, product costing and inventory control.