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(of the surface) having a rough, riblike texture


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having ribs

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where [[phi].sup.c.sub.t], [[phi].sup.l.sub.t], [[phi].sup.[lambda].sub.t], [[phi].sup.k.sub.t], [v.sup.r.sub.t], [v.sup.w.sub.t], and [v.sup.p.sub.t] are the costates variables associated with Equations (2)-(4), (8)-(11), and (12).
A comparison of the closed-form solutions (3.21) and (4.6) shows that the expressions for consumption c, physical capital stock k, and the costate variables [lambda] and [mu] are the same in both solutions.
(11), if g is not a function of SOC then the costate can be considered constant, as explained below.
The basic idea of the approach in this paper is based on interpolating functions for state and costate on Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto (LGL) quadrature nodes [4, 7].
From (13)-(15) it shows that solving the optimal control problem is transformed into solving the initial conditions [SOC.sub.bat,0] and [,0] of Li-SC HESS state of charge and costate variable initial value [[lambda].sub.0] = ([[lambda].sub.10], [[lambda].sub.20], [[lambda].sub.d0]).
Solve the costate differential equations composed of (10) and (11) to derive [[lambda].sub.r] and [[lambda].sub.q]:
Propodeum rugulose costate with median propodeal carina present and some diverging wrinkles laterally.
The Darriwilian (late Middle Ordovician) Saucrorthis Fauna is a brachiopod-dominated normal marine shelly fauna characterized by the small- to medium-shelled, costate eponymous genus and the predominance of some common orthides (e.g.
[P.sub.d] and [P.sub.v] are standard costate vectors related to modal position and velocity states ([eta] and [??]) of a system, respectively.
As a main research result in the present paper, Theorem 9 describes the law of optimal harvesting, which is given by a feedback manner in terms of the corresponding state and costate variables.
Rao, "Direct trajectory optimization and costate estimation via an orthogonal collocation method," Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, vol.
Then, we can get the costate or adjoint functions [[lambda].sub.X] and [[lambda].sub.F] based on the Hamiltonian H [30]:
where the costate variable, [[lambda].sub.j,t], is the value of the patent.
The functions [[lambda].sub.i](t) are called costate variables.