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of or relating to or near a rib

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2012: appendix 2) characterized by costal bones with slightly straight-line sulci left by the contact between pleural scutes on the dorsal surface and a weak sculpturing pattern of the annuli on the lateral portion of the costal bones (Fig.
She mentioned that since the refinery of Byco, Hubco Plant and shipment of coal in Port Qasim, the marine life of costal area has been seriously affected.
Objective: To evaluate the results of 9th rib costal cartilage in the reconstruction of stage III saddle nose deformity.
It provides statistical information from numerical models in form of tables and graphs showing wave height, speed and direction of wind, heat and humidity, in addition to the tides and the movement of the sun and the moon." He added that the website includes other real-time data, such as observations of costal marine weather stations, weather buoys and costal automatic weather station.
Makran Costal Highway from Winder (near Uthal) to Jiwini (Near Gwader).
Subclavius posticus is a rare anatomic variation of the subclavius muscle, which is almost invariably inserted on the first costal cartilage and runs dorsally and posteriorly over the cords of the brachial plexus and subclavian vessels.
According to statement issued here, the PCGs officials received a tip-off from intelligence sources that some suspicious elements were trying to smuggle narcotics from the costal area.
A costal osteochondroma, which is also known as exostosis, results from the separation of the epiphyseal growth plate cartilage from the main epiphysis that causes lateral lying down of the bone (2).
The sternum, bilateral cartilage and part of costal as well as costal arch were resected in one case, eight costal were resected in part in one case, six costa were resected in part in three cases, and five costal were resected in part in one case.
So many people confine the costal theme to the (very obvious) bathroom but the Boat Bookcase presents a perfect opportunity to drop your anchor or bring the beach into any part of your home, be it the home office, living, dining room or hallway.
Summary: On Lebanon's northern coast, yet another dispute over public costal land, development and environmental damage has emerged, this time in the village of Kfar Abida near Batroun.
On his part, Donegan praised the performance of the Kuwaiti costal guards and how they progressed from few years back.