cost of capital

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the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision


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Following this model, we can see that the ideal EV/Ebitda ratio of a stock goes up when its free cash flow increases as percentage of Ebitda or its cost of capital decreases.
Barro and Furman (2018) provide an analysis of the change in the user cost of capital due to the TGA and its implications for production and the capital-labor ratio.
These articles cite the low cost of capital as an explanation for China's rapid growth over the past few decades.
If stock exchange works to reduce the cost of capital, entrepreneurs will increasingly opt for financing through listing rather than banks.
DiMasi and colleagues use interest rates ("cost of capital") as high as 11.5%.
In this study, questions have arisen about the items that real earnings management (REM) and its impact on the cost of capital is put under scrutiny and scrutiny and to address this issue we factor is REM do Key investment decisions to allocate resources to them.
"Its cost of capital was lower and investors perceived it as a more stable and profitable sector."
Bahrain's telecom watchdog Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has fixed the cost of capital for regulated telecommunications services in the Kingdom at 9.5 per cent, said a report.
MANAMA: The cost of capital for regulated telecommunications services has been fixed at 9.5 per cent by the telecom watchdog.
Knowing that entrepreneurs can allocate their wealth between the venture and the market index, we find out that the new venture cost of capital is generally two to four times as high as for well-diversified investors.
At the time the company announced its naming of Sawaya Segalas as advisor, Thompson said a sale "would allow us to have a potential lower cost of capital, which would allow us to invest back in the business."
Insurance adds value to the company in numerous ways and an important value driver is the direct and indirect impact on the corporate cost of capital.
The overall results provide strong evidence for the causes and the consequences of the cost of capital in multinational contexts, implicit costs of capital, and explicit costs of capital.
Investor response to changes in income trust payouts is measured through the implied cost of capital, an inverse valuation metric.