cost cutting

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the act of cutting costs

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In India most of the cost cutting exercise is implemented on the operation side.
It added ( 1bn Swiss francs to cost cutting targets in July 2012 , and then raised this target again by another ( billion in October that same year , bringing the total amount of cost run rate reductions to 4.4bn Swiss francs.
In any case, most organisations have indicated poor outcomes on profitability so far from cost cutting measures.
Identify the target for cost cutting, perform the appropriate action and move on."
Nissan Korea, a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), is increasing its cost cutting efforts to deal with the decline in sales.
(Helsinki: NOK1V) is planning to implement cost cutting measures that will affect 1,700 jobs, the company announced on Tuesday (17 March).
Bangalore, March 11 (ANI): With a slowdown in growth, Volvo Bus India Private Limited, the Indian arm of Sweden-based heavy bus and coach manufacturer said it was resorting to rigorous cost cutting exercise.
The cost cutting measures will include reduction in the workforce of around 235 people in the US, reduction of certain day-rates paid to personnel, termination of two yard leases and consolidation of operating yards by converting certain locations to satellite status or yards with reduced functions, and reduction of certain employee benefits for personnel at all levels.
The group also launched a cost cutting drive with 250 jobs axed and 31 stores offloaded in the six months to February 10.
Delta Air Lines employees expect the savings would have to come at their expense, Morey said, adding that synergies was "just a cold word for cost cutting." The council has come up with buttons that say: "Keep Delta My Delta!" to express their opposition and start conversations with customers, Morey said.
In DoD, we need to ensure, however, that the shorter-term cost cutting does not compromise our longer-term responsibilities.
In addition, DNP is also picking up more requests to implement further cost cutting measures on order to respond to the ongoing shift to lower priced LCD televisions.
For legacy airlines, cost cutting was greatest in labor and commission costs.
Northern Foods yesterday continued its round of cost cutting with the sale of its frozen ready meal business, Emile Tissot.
If you agree cost cutting is like sporadic dieting, then you'll see why you should resist setting a pounds-lost target and, once you've achieved it, celebrating with a banana split topped with whipped cream.