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Synonyms for cosset



Synonyms for cosset

to treat with indulgence and often overtender care

Synonyms for cosset

treat with excessive indulgence

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FUEL MARKS: The S-Type; CLARKSON: ``Jaguar hasn't forgotten that execs need cosseting''
It has a lovely retro feel but is every inch an up-to-date design offering the most cosseting ride, amazingly sharp roadholding and tremendous performance.
At cruising speeds it's quiet, comfortable and cosseting. This is partly due to the long gearing, which keeps the engine revs down, but is also because of the 1.8-litre petrol engine's smooth, hushed nature.
If you like the sound of this wonderful day of cosseting, answer the question below and send it on a postcard along with your name, address and daytime telephone number to arrive not later than first post on Friday, June 7.
An active suspension system will allow drivers get the most out of the maximum of 333 horses on tap - yet cosseting is not out of the question.
Which is why they made alterations to the suspension geometry giving the 2002 Patrol GR a more cosseting ride and better defined handling.
I'VE been tooling around for a couple of weeks in Jaguar's new facelifted XJ Sovereign and have enjoyed the old-world ambience, classy cabin and cosseting ride.
The money that was once spent on educating, feeding, cosseting and campaigning for Hindley could now be spent searching for her final victim.
Swift, sturdy, impressive and cosseting with poised handling and surprisingly relaxing high-speed ride.
I was surprised at how modern, cosseting and disarming this aged 6-Series felt.
Looks and sprays like an underarm antiperspirant, dispensing a pretty, baby-powder scent which feels cosseting. Quickest drying of all products tested and promises 24- hour protection - antiseptic and antibacterial.
Numbers like 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and 0-100 in 14 seconds make it gut- wrenchingly quick, yet it's practical and cosseting with four seats, air conditioning, leather, CD and cruise.