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Synonyms for cosset



Synonyms for cosset

to treat with indulgence and often overtender care

Synonyms for cosset

treat with excessive indulgence

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Many figures have been bandied around for Pogba, with his agent Mino Raiola claiming only a fee in excess of u200 million would see Juve part company with their cosseted star, Tribal Football reported.
A COSSETED American undertakes an epic odyssey across Africa and through the Middle East that leads him to join the Arab Spring in Libya.
Showing themselves up YET again I'm A Celebrity shows just what a bunch of whining cosseted fools these so-called celebrities who inhabit our screens are.
He was overhauled by 7-2 favourite Cosseted in the race on the stands' side near the finish but backers of the market leader at a low of 2.4 were left with burnt fingers when the leader on the far side, Annawi, passed the line in front.
In the guise of representing Her Majesty, her bunch of cosseted muppets are to be paraded around the globe, costing us millions that we simply can no longer afford.
We were pampered and cosseted in such a caring manner and if we were unsure or did not understand then one of the nurses would explain things to us and our families so that we did.
"Because Bahrain is not as cosseted as the oil exporting GCC states its policy makers' understanding of competitiveness exceeds its neighbours," he said.
Fifty-one per cent said Italian men lacked "cheerfulness and a sense of humour" and 49 per cent complained they were childish - a reflection, perhaps, of the phenomenon of "mamma's boys", in which Italian males stay at home as long as possible to be cosseted by their mothers.
"With the cosseted lives they have, they sometimes forget the impact of their actions.
Helen is the homecoming queen, cosseted by her parents and loved by all the students in the small school she attends; but she is in love with Michael, an artist, and the son of a poor man.
Arguably the biggest change to the underlying vehicle that has transformed it into a Saab is based on the work done by the chassis engineers who transformed the ride and handling of the vehicle, changing it from the type of SUV that cossets the occupants and wallows in the corners.
Forster (2) who suggested that the well off would live in places cosseted and protected by technology against nature, and against the horrifying working classes who turn into a separate, savage and violent race, waiting always for the collapse of the protective machines.
The cosseted focus of the Ludwig installation accrues only in the show's final, uppermost gallery, where CREMASTER 5, 1997, and its related sculptures are surrounded by luminous matte black plastic walls accented with artificial lilies.
A NEW five-star jail has just been opened in Spain, which boasts a swimming pool, tennis courts, a gymnasium and a hairdressers for its cosseted cons.