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sponsor together with another sponsor

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Joni Ernst (R., Iowa) with the original cosponsorship of Sens.
A cosponsorship experience for refugees usually leads to learning English more quickly, earlier employment and deeper integration in the community.
The Endocrine Society funded the work, with cosponsorship from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, the American Association of Diabetes Educators, and the European Society of Endocrinology.
The resolution was a radical environmentalist's wish list, and Wyden's cosponsorship places him in the ideological company of eco-extremists everywhere.
In November 2011, a conference specially focused on my library thoughts and contributions was held at the Shenzhen Library under the cosponsorship of Sun Yat-Sen University, the Provincial Guangdong Library, the Guangzhou Library, and the Shenzhen Library.
That litany may pale against the cataclysmic consequence of American cosponsorship of the Iranian nuclear deal.
Renee Ellmers, a tea partier, said the vote's timing so early in the new Congress would alienate millennial, and she withdrew her cosponsorship of the bill.
Comparing Cosponsorship and Roll-Call Ideal Points.
term), episodes of sponsorship and cosponsorship of bill provisions
Attendees learned about pending legislation and lobbied their legislators in Congress for their cosponsorship of four bills.