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Organized by independent curator Sylvie Jouval for the three cosponsoring institutions, this large retrospective covers his work in all media.
EPA, the American Heart Association, and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute are cosponsoring a workshop titled "The Role of Environmental Agents in Cardiovascular Disease," to be held 6-7 August 2002 in Durham, North Carolina.
In the case of cosponsorship, the hazard function specifies the probability at a point in time of a legislator cosponsoring a bill, conditional on the legislator not having yet cosponsored.
Second, there is no hidden support for electoral-connection theory in the form of, say, a balance of extreme liberals cosponsoring liberal bills and extreme conservatives cosponsoring conservative bills.
A multiple-employer plan would have to be tested on an individual recipient employer basis, meaning each company cosponsoring a 401(k) with a PEO would have to prepare separate 401(h) and 401(m) tests for the leased employees.
in addition, chapters can supplement their educational resources through a chapter rebate program that returns a portion of the tuition fees back to the cosponsoring chapter.
The NFIB Foundation, an arm of the National Federation of Independent Business, is cosponsoring an information and advice hot line for small businesses with Southwestern Bell Telephone.