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This is one of the major reasons the Cosmology team is excited about the Alliance's efforts toward creating a visual supercomputer and its attendant extremely high-resolution screens and immersive analysis facilities, all coupled to very large scalable I/O databuckets (see Kennedy et al.
231-2) Geivett's use of physical cosmology is also not without controversy.
In the first, the author surveys others' attempts to relate cosmology and God.
He analyzes how they engaged in questions of cosmology, Basil clearly inspired by Origen, arguing that their approaches and conclusions can contribute to modern debates about Scripture and science.
In addition, partially based on previous works, we also advocate here that a generic running vacuum cosmology providing a complete cosmic history evolving between two extreme de Sitter phases is potentially able to mitigate several cosmological problems.
Vodou rituals and forced labor were conducive to the configuration of Haitian subjectivity in Saint-Domingue, says Jean-Marie, and under Vodue cosmology, moral autonomy and validation are grounded in the community of Vodou adherents' reinforcement of moral judgements.
Dr Sharif said the conference had been organised to provide a platform to the participants to share knowledge and keep themselves updated in the fields of gravitation and cosmology.
He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of first international conference on gravitation and cosmology organized by PU Department of Mathematics in collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Group of Gravitation and Cosmology and others at Al Raazi Hall.
Your Place in the Universe: Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence is basically a primer on astrophysics for lay readers with little science background, and comes from a cosmologist who uses a light, conversational style to impart the basics of the latest theories and findings in physics and cosmology. From understanding dark energy and matter and the Earth's presence in the Milky Way galaxy to speculations about the nature of reality and other universes, Your Place in the Universe succeeds in explaining and exploring cosmology and employs a lively tone that invites a broad audience to understand the latest science ideas.
In his last contribution to cosmology, Hawking -- with co-author Thomas Hertog from the KU Leuven university in Belgium -- does not dismiss the multiverse concept, but proposes dramatically scaling it down.
This phase of the universe is believed to have occurred before the radiation era which could relax some issues of cosmology like horizon, flatness singularities, and so on [5].
The failure of sense-making may result in a "cosmology episode" where the cosmos no longer makes sense.
SCRIPTURE AND COSMOLOGY: Reading the Bible between the Ancient World and Modern Science by Kyle Greenwood.
First, we identify 2 management theory concepts that we found useful: "cosmology episodes" and "sensemaking processes." Second, through a comparative case study--juxtaposing our findings from the Haiti earthquake of 2010 with Weick's (1993) findings from the Mann Gulch forest fire of 1949--we elaborate on 5 resilience processes that collectively constitute the anatomy of a cosmology episode: anticipating, sense-losing, improvising, sense-remaking, and renewing (or declining).