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The cosmologically more important issue was to decide whether the Hubble diagrams follow a linear or exponential relationship.
Cosmologically, myth is the aspects of life that cannot be explained, for instance death is a cosmological mystery which the Asante take as mysterious and only the Creator knows why it happens.
These events all had cosmologically modest redshifts (from 0.16 to 0.722) and occurred near older galaxies that presumably contain many compact-object binary systems.
For O'Connor, Thebes and its temples cosmologically reflected the integration of various levels of late Eighteenth Dynasty theological discourse and religious practices.
A cosmologically viable sterile 50 keV neutrino is allowed to couple to the electron neutrino with coupling [C.sup.2.sub.[nu]] < 1.3 x [10.sup.-7].
Changes are underway, however, and with permanent settlement and increasing monetisation the cosmologically based sources of solidarity seem to dwindle and only to a certain extent be substituted by a solidarity based on a shared sense of being disadvantaged.
Embodying and making history, ruling chiefs thus practice socially the capacities they are given cosmologically (Sahlins 2000: 324-5).
Constructively, behavior or conduct becomes moral to the extent that it is cosmologically and ontologically consistent and social institutions as habitual behavioral patterns actualize the cultural model by transforming its cosmogony and ontological axioms into ordered societal praxis that communicate, reinforce and propagate interpretations of physical and metaphysical realities.
And with this they have developed what they have called grandiosely and misguidedly, "singularity theorems", by which it is alleged that "physical" singularities and "trapped surfaces" are a necessary consequence of gravitational collapse, and even cosmologically, called Friedmann singularities.
GALEX's unexpected discovery of cosmologically recent star formation in long-dormant reservoirs of hydrogen gas implies that the outer parts of today's galaxies aren't merely living out predictable lives wholly predetermined by events that took place billions of years ago.
Note even the contradictory placements of the lady--in the east at dusk, in the west at dawn, instead of vice versa as would be more appropriate cosmologically.
To not have a cosmologically stable colored relic, the decay of the VLQ U can be ensured by allowing the mixed operators
Finally, Mikael Gravers brings four decades of fieldwork to bear upon an analysis of the cosmologically conceived 'Karen royal imaginary' which, he asserts, must be regarded 'not in the sense of an illusion, but as part of the aspirations of a Karen cultural community and polity' and as a means to retain their cultural origins.
However, the men's house was also a womb in which boys were impregnated by the penises of spirit-crocodiles and then born as Ambonwari men into a cosmologically impregnated life-world.
Cosmologically comprised ACS creates organic independent realities