cosmological constant

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an arbitrary constant in the equations of general relativity theory

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This could indicate there is a flaw in LCDM and that we might have to consider an alternative rather than the simple cosmological constant (Note 1).
The favorite explanation is this cosmological constant.
Keywords: Static Conformal Mikowski Spacetime, Cosmological Constant, Einstein Field Equations
Thereafter Lemaitre (1927) showed that the universe, having the positive cosmological constant [LAMBDA], turns out to be exponentially expanding in time.
Although this model is asymptotically anti-de Sitter, by assuming a small-enough cosmological constant, the manifold is sufficiently close to flat in the vicinity of the blackplane for this prescription to be valid.
In his general theory of relativity, Einstein introduced a cosmological constant in an effort to force a static universe from his equations.
Influence of The Cosmological Constant in the Angle of Deflection of a Gravitational Lens
This is in contrast to the traditional static vacuum energy or cosmological constant.
For example, Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity introduced the notion of a cosmological constant to explain what he assumed was a static universe, which was the prevailing scientific view at the time.
Einstein's Field equation with cosmological constant [lambda] is given by
The 60 papers examine such topics as cold compressed baryonic matter with hidden local symmetry and holography, topological and curvature effects in a multi-fermion interaction model, continuum superpartners from supersymmetric unparticles, new regularization in extra dimensional model and renormalization group flow of the cosmological constant, and critical behaviors of sigma-mode and pion in holographic superconductors.
Abstract: The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) aims to make a direct detection of dark energy at z~3, in the case that it is a cosmological constant.
This discovery has brought into being the concept of dark energy, which may be linked to Einstein's cosmological constant.