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a scientist knowledgeable about cosmography

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The Republic of Venice appointed him to the position of Cosmographer, and in 1685 he began work on the Atlante Veneto or Venetian Atlas.
This refashioning appropriates obliquely the expansive extension of the Hispanic realm that the cosmographer and the chronicler projected after the spirit of Tordesillas in the sixteenth century.
A cosmographer and teacher of mathematics in Nurnberg, Schoner (1477-1547) made a celestial globe and a terrestrial globe in 1515, and it is the latter that is under study here by independent cartographer Chet Van Duzer.
The title is an allusion to a curious incident recounted by the seventeenth-century cosmographer Peter Heylyn.
18 During the 12th century the cosmographer Vincent de Beauvais re-opened this debate and argued in favour of the existence of an antipodal land mass on the other side of the Atlantic.
Ogilby was also bestowed with the title "His Majesty's Cosmographer and Geographick Printer" with an annual salary of pounds 13.
The Mexican historian Raquel Urroz resurrects in this essay the figure of the sailor and cosmographer Americus Vespucci and his voyage accomplished in 1499-1500 along the eastern South American coast, the first of a European upon Colombian soil and an essential chapter in the configuration of the continental space of America.
Religion and spirituality now occupy a less ambiguous position in American feminisms than they did in 1970, when Gloria Anzaldua was not yet the Chicana cosmographer of record.
Soon afterwards, in a list of the learned writer-physicians Bullein admires, which includes the Protestant polemicist Turner, the cosmographer Cuningham, the poet Thomas Phaer, the mathematician Robert Record, and the politician Elyot (sig.
The scholarly Sarmiento, Spain's cosmographer in the Andean viceroyalty, wrote his history in 1572; within months Tupac Amaru, the last Inca, was executed.
My grandfather traced the family tree and we're descended from Dr John Dee, who was the cosmographer and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I.
The topographer's landscape-map was a profuse and indefinitely fragmented receptacle of local legends and traditions that were rooted in the vagaries of relief, hidden in the folds of terrain, and readable in toponymy and folklore [analogical and mythological space]; whereas the reticular and geometrical map of the cosmographer anticipated the conquests and 'discoveries' of the modern age.
18) Landino, in short, makes Dante a more systematic cosmographer than he actually is.