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a scientist knowledgeable about cosmography

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Indeed, they hope at that latitude to be able to go through a passage: such nonsense is that 'great world' described by the cosmographers. If a passage does turn up at that level [pun; also: if truly the excitement - falls to that moderate level], you can see that it will be of great help" (Feuillerat iii, 120).
(41) In contrast to Schoner's solution to the post-Magellanic location of Cattigara, the French poet and cosmographer Jean Mallard kept it, on his map of the world of c.1540, at the latitude of 8 1/2[degrees] South but made it the notional tip of a peninsula of the southern continent instead of part of a southward projecting peninsula of South East Asia (42) (Fig.
The entire question of representation lies, of course, at the heart of this collection, as the aged cosmographer strives to defend himself from accusations of plagiarism and mendacity.
It was taken up by his followers, the French cosmographer Oronce Fine in his world map of 1531, and the Flemish cartographers Gerard Mercator in 1538 and Abraham Ortelius in 1570.
In 1492, Martin Behaim, a German cosmographer and philosopher, presented a globe to the Welsers and other rich banking and trading houses in Nuremberg to demonstrate the new realities of a radically changing world.
Sharing, according to the sixteenth-century Aristotelian cosmographer, Richard Hakluyt, saw trade as being similar to friendship: both were based on a situation of lack.
(36) It was a German clergyman and cosmographer Martin Waldseemuller (Hylacomilus) who loved to make up names even his own (putting together the words "wood," "lake," and "mill," hence "Waldseemiiller") and who worked on a more up-to-date map (a revision of the prior Ptolemaic one) that came to honor Vespucci with creating and adding Vespucci's name to the newly discovered portion of the Mundus Novus.
The Humboldtian cosmographer was interested in the phenomenon itself--without reference to its place in a system --until he affectively grasped the secrets of that phenomenon, its truth.
In his memorial entitled "Que su magestad debe mandar escribir su historia," the royal cosmographer, Juan Lopez de Velasco (1530-1598) presented the writing of current history as a state necessity.
He started life as a dancing master but finished as the King's Cosmographer and Geographic Printer.
By the 1540's, as cosmographer to the Republic of Venice, he had developed a distinctive style of copper engraving that led to his maps being used as a source by many mapmakers, including Camocio, Bertelli, Forlani, Ramusio, Cock, Luchini and Ortelius.
Francisco de Gomara delimits the territory as extending from the Punta de Bacalaos to the Panuco river--the border that the cosmographer to Charles V and Philip II, Alonso de Santa Cruz, established for New Spain.
A cosmographer and teacher of mathematics in Nurnberg, Schoner (1477-1547) made a celestial globe and a terrestrial globe in 1515, and it is the latter that is under study here by independent cartographer Chet Van Duzer.
* The title is an allusion to a curious incident recounted by the seventeenth-century cosmographer Peter Heylyn.
Unlike Acosta, however, Cobo did not postulate a land passage between Asia and America as the result of a logical need, nor he had any doubts whether it could be in the southern or northern tip of the continent, for during his stay in Mexico he had befriended Jose de Moura Lobo, a Portuguese explorer and "cosmographer," as he called himself, who assured Cobo of the existence of such a passage between Tartary and the northern part of America (1: 41-43).