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In speaking of the revealing as a coming out of, returning to, and bringing into the open that which is free, Heidegger neglects the cosmogonist significance of the clearing.
Take a few minutes and let your mind work like a cosmogonist. Ponder the big bang.
By the way, Deslandres was at one time known as Horbiger crater, after German selenographer Philipp Fauth bestowed the name upon it to honor Hans Horbiger, a 19th-century cosmogonist who argued that the Moon was covered with a layer of ice 225 km thick.
We see that Queneau's comedy is not particularly satirical or moralistic; he does not have the habit of bringing down the character who bears the brunt, even if it is Queneau himself when he serves as his own target: "to the biped cosmogonist fate makes sparks fly" (Petite Cosmogonie portative, V, line 107).
The old cosmogonists expressed this by the statement 'In the Beginning was the Word'" (1990 115).