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pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe

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These cosmogonic clan narratives also describe events such as God and Maria having sex in a cave to conceive the Bible, and they creatively rename local places using names borrowed from the Bible, such as Galilee and Gethsemane.
Instead, Tolkien uses his conception of a cosmogonic Fall to raise--and in a way, even to answer--a version of what is known colloquially as the "problem of evil": why evil exists in the presence of an "omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect" deity (Tooley 1.
As I intend to show, how Thales understands his wisdom has important cosmogonic implications, addressed by Anaximander, if not by Thales as well.
14) The reference to the small size of the album yet the infinity of its meaning is probably a reference to the brief but influential cosmogonic book, the Sefer Yezirah, or Book of Creation mentioned by Borges in both "La muerte y la brujula" (19891 500) and in "Del culto de los libros" (1989 II 93).
The first two movements are inspired by Chinese cosmogonic myths and are entitled "Pan Gu Creates Heaven and Earth" and "Nu Wa Creates Human Beings," respectively.
A revelation that turned the originary forms of existence into a trans-immanence on the divine, thus love acquiring a cosmogonic signification.
Topics receiving attention here include monastic Vedanta, cosmic evolution, saintly visions, devotional Hinduism, moral virtues, and cosmogonic myths.
As an event of cosmogonic and anthropogenetic significance, incest incorporates the whole paradox of the human condition: attraction and abhorrence, purity of the blood and impure union, death and survival, sterility and fertility.
Hawaiian identity is, in fact, derived from the Kumulipo, the great cosmogonic genealogy.
Kwakwaka'wakw ritual forms [were] aspects of a cosmogonic scheme.
Published by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology as a part of the ongoing series detailing Penn Museum international research conferences, this collection of papers by leading archaeologists, anthropologists, historians and Egyptologists analyzes the rise of power structures in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and compares and contrasts the different forms these structures took in relationship with each other as well as their social, political, and cosmogonic setting.
The Good Living is a philosophical approach, a directive rule for an examination of every social topic (indigenous rights, sovereignty/food security, climatic change, biodiversity, strengthening of indigenous networks, environmental schedule, environmental education, Centroamerican integration schedule, duality and indigenous woman, governability, justice systems), made alternatively and based in the Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) and the cosmogonic vision (communitarianism, time register, balance and harmony, consensus, dialogue, respect, system of law).
The cosmogonic power of water has been a major theme of many ancient accounts of human origin.
In addition, in his short address to the Restaurant Frascati diners that evening, Sir William concluded that 'although man's intrinsic littleness was increasingly borne in upon him by modern cosmogonic speculation, certain reassuring factors persistently emerged which went to show that, if relatively insignificant in the midst of immensities, this world of ours was undeniably unique in many of its manifestations.
104)--is nothing less than the possibility of apprehending human vision 'as a cosmogonic act once attributed to the gods' (ibid.