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Synonyms for cosmic

Synonyms for cosmic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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inconceivably extended in space or time

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In Section 2, we reviewed the cosmical apparent horizon and derived the holographic-style dynamical equations in the EBI theory.
Dynamics of the Cosmical Apparent Horizon in Eddington-Born-Infeld Gravity
RK: There's a connection there with Manichism, I'm sure, but I'm not talking of cosmical powers but worldly ones.
However, all of the elements of this supposed seventeenth century revolution were already present long before "the century of Genius." Homogeneity is suggested by the neutrality of Platonic chora and Euclidean geometry is actively at work in the Philoponean model of three-dimensional spatial extension, while infinity is at least implied in the cosmical expansion of the same extension.
The idea of such infinity was available ever since Philoponus espoused a truly "cosmical extension." In this light, later and more celebrated thinkers such as Giordano Bruno and Nicolas of Cusa only pursued the idea to its bitter end--for instance, in the extreme notion that there is not just infinite space but an infinite number of worth in such space.
* It should have a preserved and spatially limited geometrical shape of a wave packet propagating in an undamped way and in a defined direction, even at cosmical distances.
(27) But his controversial hypothesis of solar system birth and evolution, 'the capture theory of cosmical evolution', ultimately led to a serious and destructive feud with an earlier adversary, the highly combative mathematical astronomer Forest Ray Moulton (1872-1952), (28) who in 1904 collaborating with the geologist Thomas Crowder Chamberlin (1843-1928), developed a theory of the origin of the planets that endeavoured to harmonise dynamical principles and observational data.
II, The Capture Theory of Cosmical Evolution, a beautifully printed quarto of some 734 pages in which he sought to explain the intricacies of his cosmogony, or cosmology as we call it nowadays.
In Robert Coover's chronically ambiguous Comedies of Terror, chaos is exemplified by a cosmical ogress too; a Charybdis animated by opposites, she cannibalizes everything that moves.
Joshi, The Weird Tale, 1990; Stefano Piselli, Federico de Zigno, Riccardo Morrochi, editors, The Cosmical Horror of H.
Such it would seem, must be the history of the temperature of cosmical bodies formed by the gravitational condensation of nebulous matter" [54].
Infernal machine, a circus ring which offers the devil's own dancing dogs (Sirius, along with sun and moon, blazes down upon this cosmical theater), Spindle City and the Borden homestead are contained within a magic circle, transmogrified into things so small as to fit in Old Borden's pocket.
Such a mechanism can become important even if the gravitational forces are much weaker than the electrostatic ones, be cause matter and antimatter are expected to appear as electrically quasi-neutral cosmical plasmas.
He was granted by the honorary title Merit Creator of Cosmical Techniques (2006) and by the international order Tsciolkovski Star (2002).
Provided that there is not an excessively large average frequency P as compared to the frequency range in the experiments by Lamoreaux, and that the form (11) holds true, the linear dimensions of the present photon gas model should thus be consistent with cosmical dimensions.