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(cosmology) a hypothetical one-dimensional subatomic particle having a concentration of energy and the dynamic properties of a flexible loop

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If this is in fact a cosmic string, it should move at a high fraction of the speed of light.
When Gott looked at the equations of general relativity to see what they said about spacetime in the vicinity of a single cosmic string, he found that it would offer no possibility of time travel.
Richard Gott III of Princeton University, this solution involves two cosmic strings -- a pair of extremely thin, invisible strands of concentrated energy that warp space-time in a peculiar way.
Everybody would like them to be really exotic: evaporating black holes, cosmic strings, something like that.
The scientists hope such Pulsar Timing Arrays can detect gravitational waves caused by the motions of supermassive pairs of black holes in the early Universe, cosmic strings, and possibly from other exotic events in the first few seconds after the Big Bang.
Gurgaon, Haryana, April 29 -- Cosmic Strings a new fusion music band based out of Gurgaon, Haryana -India today announced that they will be doing an online release of their first album titled as "Unstring" globally through their band website (www.
Gripped,I watched on -through an increasingly complex discussion of cosmic strings, space- time continuums and loops in the universe -all entertainingly presented,all explained in simple terms,but all utterly impenetrable.
This could be an optical illusion--or perhaps the result of some physical phenomenon such as spherical shock waves colliding or cosmic strings.
The waves with the highest frequencies may have originated during phase transitions of the primitive universe or by vibrations and snapping of cosmic strings.
Many theories predict the existence of cosmic strings.
The theoretical field is thick with candidates such as magnetic monopoles--particles with a single north or south pole--and endless wires of tightly bunched energy called cosmic strings (SN: 12/7/96, p.
He describes how time machines could be built using "exotic negative matter" and "negative energy," or by traveling rapidly around two cosmic strings moving toward each other.
Proposals on a growing list range from decaying superheavy particles in this galaxy to colliding cosmic strings of energy stretching across all of space.
Not only does Rees review the astrophysics of neutron stars, black holes, cosmological dark matter, the cosmic microwave background radiation, and cosmic strings (all subjects to which he has made significant research contributions); he also highlights the origin of the chemical elements, the nature of hypothetical wormholes, and the recent discoveries of planets around Sun-like stars.