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highly penetrating ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin

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Cosmic rays are in fact quite common in space, with astronauts regularly reporting sightings of the light phenomenon. "When a cosmic ray happens to pass through the retina, it causes the rods and cones to fire, and you perceive a flash of light that is really not there," astronaut Don Pettit said on his blog a few years ago. 
Nature ultrahigh energy cosmic rays (more than [10.sup.17] eV) has not yet been unambiguously interpreted, their sources have not yet been identified, and there is no complete understanding of the mechanisms of their acceleration and even the nature of the accelerated particles [1].
HIGH energy cosmic rays whose origins have been a mystery for 50 years come from beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way, scientists have confirmed.
Cosmic ray sensors can measure soil moisture at an unprecedented sub-kilometre scale.
With this model in hand, he simulated how the heliosphere would affect the cosmic rays. He assumed that the rays came in to the heliosphere evenly from everywhere in space, but allowed them to be warped based on the local magnetic geometry.
We expect the research groups using the computer system to announce many new observational results in the future that generate new insights into hitherto unknown phenomena relating to the universe and cosmic ray particles."
With the increase in solar activity, the primary cosmic ray intensity has decreased by 9 per cent during the past 150 years leading to lesser cloud cover and reduced albedo radiation being reflected back into space.
The purpose of this investigation is to statistically determine the connection between hard cosmic ray flux variation and atmospheric pressure change.
Galactic cosmic rays are highly energetic particles, originating from unknown sources outside our solar system and hitting the Earth's surface at an extremely high speed.
"This electron excess cannot be explained by the standard model of cosmic ray origin," said John P.
With increased solar activity (and stronger magnetic fields), the cosmic ray intensity decreases, and with it the amount of cloud coverage, resulting in a rise of temperatures on the Earth.
Lee Lewis piloted the Stratolab to a world altitude record of 76,000 feet on a flight to gather meteorological, cosmic ray and other scientific data necessary to improve safety at high altitudes.
Yoji Totsuka and Takaaki Kajita, both professor at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, affiliated with the University of Tokyo, and Masatoshi Koshiba, 75, professor emeritus at the university, became the first Japanese recipients of the award.