cosmic radiation

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This changes every now and then and this time it has affected cosmic radiation and contributed to more cloud cover, leading to somewhat milder temperatures," he said.
The former includes cosmic radiation (high-energy particles originating outside Earth's solar system) and radon in rocks; the latter includes medical X-rays, CT scans, and even travel in airplanes at high altitudes, where the thinner atmosphere offers less protection against incoming cosmic radiation.
One possibility is that they were bombarded by cosmic radiation on the red planet.
UKube-1 is a UK Space Agency mission that will include experiments to use Global Positioning System technology to measure space weather and to test how cosmic radiation could improve the security of communications satellites.
The research suggests the dormant bugs could easily have survived the long journey through space, despite high levels of cosmic radiation.
The amount of exposure from a single scan is less than the normal exposure every person receives each hour from natural everyday sources, such as the naturally occurring isotopes in all materials or from cosmic radiation.
A] in the sample is obtained from the negative intercept of the regression line with the dose axis; is estimated as being the total radiation provided by all radioactive elements present in a sample and soil and also cosmic radiation (Ikeya 1993; Jonas 1997; Walker 2005; Grun 1989).
Melting ice would have exposed the rocks to more cosmic radiation than if they had remained embedded in the ice sheet, where they are now.
The AMS-02 contains sensors that measure cosmic radiation and detect dark matter or antimatter.
Airplane travel itself exposes us to more cosmic radiation simply because we're 30,000 or so feet closer to the sun, in a thinner atmosphere.
In other words, the exposure to natural cosmic radiation for a single transcontinental flight is 300 to 400 times greater than going through a security checkpoint.
The magnetosphere and Earth's atmosphere protect living organisms from the solar wind and other kinds of solar and cosmic radiation.
Considering its damaging effect on living organisms, one can reasonably assume that galactic cosmic radiation (CR) can also damage embryos in their early stages of development.
They describe the effect of global climate change, how the emission of strong electromagnetic thermal corpuscular energy preceded fires, how solar wind penetrates the atmosphere, the effect and direction of air masses, the factor of cloudiness, and the effect of cosmic radiation, with discussion of specific cases in Portugal and Central and South Europe.