cosmic dust

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clouds of particles or gases occurring throughout interstellar space

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Apart from the presence of Delftia's DNA, we found in the samples of cosmic dust the DNA of the genus Mycobacteria, some species of which make up to 40% of the biomass of marine heterotrophic bacterial plankton.
Dr Gomez said: "The fact that Steve and I have been recognised for our research into cosmic dust is due to the incredible team involved in the Herschel Space Observatory and the significant Cardiff involvement in this amazing space mission." The academics join three previous winners from Cardiff University, Prof Matt Griffin (recognised in 2009, 2011 and 2014), Prof Peter Ade (twice in 2009) and Prof Walter Gear (2009).
Music Dopapod & Twiddle with special guests Soule Monde, Viral Sound, Cosmic Dust Bunnies, Hornitz, 6 p.m.
The tale of an ordinary teddy bear brought to life with cosmic dust is being revived for 26 new episodes, but the villains will no longer be fat or carry guns.
The first section opens in a swirl of cosmic dust, which we return to near its close.
Cosmic dust grains are a minor but fundamental ingredient in the recipe of gas and dust for creating stars and planets.
The most fertile bursts of star birth in the early universe took place in distant galaxies containing lots of cosmic dust.
The city sometimes disappears into a cosmic dust, a reddish fog in which buildings or monuments are no longer recognizable; it becomes indistinct, luminous magma, lit up with tracks of stars and incandescent flows.
MOSFIRE gathers light in infrared wavelengths - invisible to the human eye - allowing it to cut through cosmic dust and see distant objects whose light has been stretched to infrared by the expansion of the universe.
EXPECT TO SEE vivid displays of meteor showers (aka "shooting stars") as our planet makes its annual trek through expansive bands of cosmic dust shed from tails of orbiting comets.
They cover cosmic dust and life, the origin of comets, comets in the galactic environment, dark comets as a link to panspermia, the expulsion of microbes from the solar system, liquid water in comets, the origin of life, and expanding horizons of life.
Among specific topics are primordial massive supernovae as molecular factories at high redshifts, observational evidence for dust growth in proto-planetary discs, hydrous-carbonaceous meteoroids in the Hadean Aeon, dust in clusters of galaxies, probing dust with gamma-ray bursts, analogs of cosmic dust, intersteller ices, and interstellar dust models and evolutionary implications.
TO A SWORD IN YORK MINSTER Within its steel lives on the virile man, Now cosmic dust, who in the wars Of unkind seas and ravaged lands Wielded it, all in vain, against death.
A third theory is that is was dropped by a molecular cloud, or dropped by ice-laden cosmic dust. It might even be terrestrial water kicked up from Earth in a gigantic asteroid impact.
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