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Synonyms for cosmic

Synonyms for cosmic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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inconceivably extended in space or time

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All open-minded investigators will now have to look at the 'big picture,' the next step behind the story of human contact with nonhuman cosmic intelligence that will not go away.
A group of over 400 scientists from 18 countries describe in the paper, published Friday in the journal Science, that they detected an asymmetry in the distribution of arrival directions of cosmic particles as they approached Earth.
In addition to displaying apps that represent various programming languages, Cosmic JS continues to push out vertical-specific Websites & Applications such as Medical Professional, Roofing Professional & Real Estate.
60Fe galactic cosmic rays zip through space at half the speed of light or more, about 90,000 miles per second.
After examining the data, Bilgili decided to widen the investigation and started looking into ties between the cosmic room and other landmark cases such as the Ergenekon case -- which investigated an alleged clandestine group nested in the military and the government -- and the Zirve Publishing House massacre case, in which three missionaries were killed by five ultranationalists in 2007.
By comparing the small oscillations in cosmic ray rate, which was taken from data from two neutron monitors, and temperature with the overall trends in both since 1955, Sloan and Wolfendale found that less than 14 per cent of the global warming seen during this period could be attributable to solar activity.
Bangalore-based Cosmic delivers analog and mixed signal IP cores for mobile devices to over 75 customers on a global basis.
Vintage Red won three hurdle races and when he retired in 1997 we put the Cosmic Cases together.
New experiments provide persuasive evidence to show that the changes in the intensity of galactic cosmic rays can significantly affect global temperature.
Galactic cosmic rays are highly energetic particles, originating from unknown sources outside our solar system and hitting the Earth's surface at an extremely high speed.
This is the key point for the beginning of the proposed expanding or growing cosmic black hole
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- New research by the National Space Institute in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) validated 13 years of discoveries that point to a key role for cosmic rays in climate change.
But the energy you have in your most hyper moments pales in comparison to the energy packed in ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.
Although results in the 1950S were inconclusive, the evidence gradually turned against the steady-state prediction that distant cosmic regions (observed as they were long ago) would look much like the nearer astronomical environs.