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Synonyms for cosmic

Synonyms for cosmic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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inconceivably extended in space or time

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The effect of cosmic ray intensity over long periods, however, could add or subtract to the global warming.
Assuming that a cosmic ray hit can damage an embryo in its early stages of development, a sharper IMR decrease is expected in the year following a sharp decrease in CR flux.
The researchers suggest that the cosmic rays are coming from extrabright areas at the centers of galaxies.
Such an entity might be diffused throughout the universe, in clouds of living matter; perhaps, he suggested, it was reconstituting itself on Earth, as the latest turn in a cosmic cycle.
Siva Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer, has become for many of different backgrounds, the symbol of Creative Energy.
One approaches this heart through a zig-zag of resisted motion to find water flowing down the hill, while time flows up--from the beginning of cosmic evolution.
'Dust has been swept under the cosmic carpet for years and astronomers have treated it has a nuisance because of the way it hides the light from the stars.
Both in color and in black-and-white and made mostly during the second half of the nineteenth century by students in schools and art studios in Rajasthan, these drawings generally focus on the representation of cosmic energy (Shakti Kundalini).
What is "A Transitional Animal" (the first chapter of his 1974 book The Cosmic Connection) if not an attempt at a new genesis--an account in biblical cadence of local cosmic evolution, the reconstruction of our origins made possible by the diligence, fearlessness, and continuity of generations of science.
I use the conception of "creativity" here -- rather than the traditional idea of "God the creator" -- because it presents creation of the new and the novel as ongoing processes or events in the world, and does not call forth an image of a kind of "cosmic person" standing outside the world, manipulating it from without.
A new vision of Armageddon has been presented by scientists - collision with a cosmic cloud.
A trio of rare and mysterious cosmic rays of the highest energy ever recorded may be the first signs of fundamental physical processes in deep space that have not been seen even in the most powerful particle accelerators.
NASA's Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass experiment that launched to the International Space Station earlier this month not only has a cool name, the ISS-CREAM, but it does something cool too, it will measure cosmic rain.
Dallas, TX, July 21, 2016 --( Cosmic JS, an intuitive API-first content management system, announced its launch into public beta after eight months of private beta testing.