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an expert in the use of cosmetics

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That, however, provoked howls of opposition from both those who already are licensed cosmetologist and those who own the private schools that provide the state-mandated training.
Specifically, information from survey participants was collected on the participant's area of licensure (cosmetologist, manicurist, esthetician), age, sex, years in profession, current employment status, smoking status, safety-related topics such as safety training received, training on respiratory hazards, types of products she/he works with, whether or not she/he reads product labels, protective actions or equipment used, how she/he feels about her/his knowledge of health and safety, and perception of risk associated with workplace.
He said requiring 1,000 hours instead would allow cosmetologists to join the workforce much faster, and argued that there's no noticeable difference in skills or wages from cosmetologists who receive more hours of training.
Cosmetologists work mostly in salons, although some work in spas, hotels or resorts.
Sakasti Skinic takes pride in being one of the finest cosmetologist in India offering a range of world-class treatments, therapies and services, under the supervision of the skin care expert, Sakasti has recently opened an outlet at Bandra and has been in Thane since three years.
Once released from prison, the licensed cosmetologist may take her talents to the salons in the casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or travel to other states that have reciprocity with Mississippi, including Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia.
Much of mainstream media's focus has been on regulating immigrant-owned "discount salons" that are portrayed as unhygienic, yet there has been virtually no mention of health risks to the 1.2 million cosmetologists in the United States, many of whom are recent immigrants.
I work as a cosmetologist and go to school full time, studying physical therapy.
ANITA SHANNON is a practicing licensed massage therapist, cosmetologist and an aromatherapist.
Kika An optimistic cosmetologist (above) fights off assorted wackos to find true love.
She is a licensed cosmetologist and learned how to do barber work at Jim's Barber and Style, where she worked for 11 years.
An expert panel consisting of Trichologist Connie Judge, Master Cosmetologist Robin D.
14 (ANI): An Indian cosmetologist and Thailand hair stylist got together to choreograph a magnificent fashion show in Guwahati on Friday.