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Synonyms for cosmetician

someone who sells or applies cosmetics

someone who works in a beauty parlor

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A growing, seedy underground of unlicensed cosmeticians are taking advantage of plastic surgery's huge appeal in Lebanon, preying on people looking for a shortcut to surgically enhanced beauty, experts said Thursday as a group of medical organizations launched an initiative to try and roll back the growing illicit industry.
She works at Swiss Re Life and Health Canada as a desktop publisher and at home as a part-time cosmetician. She and her family are active members of St.
If you have any concerns, discuss this with a cosmetician in accordance to your skin type.
Each cosmetician has an average of 15 customers per day: women of all ages, both Lebanese and foreigners.
She worked as a cosmetician and make up artist at the former Filene's Department Store for over 25 years, retiring in 1998.
She is a former owner of Manley Administrative Services, was a beautician and cosmetician, and worked for McKenzie Orthopedic Group.
"When I grow up I want to be an aesthetic cosmetician like Val so I can help people like me and get people to see past the stain."
In the mid-1980s, a number of grocery chains decided to expand their beauty category selection, some going so far as to devote a service counter, with a dedicated cosmetician, to the category.
Even ordinary citizens, when they discover you're a critic, respond as they would to a mortuary cosmetician - vaguely repelled by what you do, yet infinitely curious as to how you came to be doing it.
Identified as an upscale operation with a strong following of young shoppers with healthy disposable incomes, the latest store model comes complete with: a full-service meat and seafood counter and live lobster tank; a nutrition center; a service deli featuring prepared foods for take-out or to eat in the restaurant-like dining area; an imported and domestic cheese service island; a service bakery; a floral and green plants department; a fully stocked and manned pharmacy; and a cosmetics section carrying name brand and designer products and managed by a cosmetician. In addition, a service department houses the standard accoutrements as well as high-ticket color televisions and electronic equipment.
The A, or basic model is built around a core cosmetics and fragrance assortment, with the notable difference that the department is serviced full-time by a professional cosmetician who knows her way around both products and customers.
Many shoppers hesitate to purchase products without trying them or, at the very least, consulting with a cosmetician.
Such training is personified in Michene Workman, a senior beauty adviser who began as a part-time Walgreens cosmetician 40 years ago and now trains other beauty associates in a Walgreens location near the company's headquarters.
"I began my career as a part-time Walgreens cosmetician 40 years ago," says Workman, "and I've obviously seen many changes.
The unit features all of the amenities found in most other Walgreens stores--a full-service pharmacy with a drive-through window, a wide assortment of general merchandise, convenience food, a one-hour digital photo laboratory and a beauty section staffed by a trained cosmetician.