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a surgeon who beautifies the body (especially the face)

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Reviews is an independent research firm focusing on analysis and recommendations of cosmetic surgeon in the United States.
The famed cosmetic surgeon has been prevented from practising after the video that contained the inappropriate and immoral content was circulated on social media.
All cosmetic surgeons working at Spire are on the GMC specialist register and hold appropriate indemnity cover.
A senior cosmetic surgeon Dr Saeed Qureshi said that, "These days both guys and girls want to look beautiful and support a perfect physique.
Citing the reason behind this trend cosmetic surgeon said: "It is in their teen years that young boys and girls start noticing themselves and the process of comparison among the peer group starts.
A newer treatment called photodynamic therapy that essentially uses flashes of intense light is a good idea if you have multiple spots because it kills abnormal skin cells without harming normal ones for a faster recovery, says cosmetic surgeon and skin cancer specialist Dr.
RANGE OF TREATMENTS: Cosmetic surgeon Paul Baguley, pictured in the Yarm surgery
So Sunayna went to a cosmetic surgeon to get lashes "like actresses".
But this is a result of the contract between the patient and the cosmetic surgeon.
Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows" tells the story of one Paul Reiter, a Hollywood cosmetic surgeon.
The cosmetic surgeon is in a unique position to ascertain any limitations to a patient's comprehension, as the physician has "knowledge of, or ability to learn [about], [the] patient's background and current condition.
Dr Stephen Greenberg, a New York cosmetic surgeon and author of A Little Nip, A Little Tuck, said elementary school age children should not be exposed to plastic surgery.
Youssef, a cosmetic surgeon based in the California beach town of Santa Monica, suggested that Bill receive "mesotherapy," a procedure performed commonly in Europe that involves injecting pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications into a patient's trouble spots and essentially exploding fat cells.
Whether you've been left with unsightly loose skin following dramatic weight loss, want to change an aspect of your appearance, or reverse the effects of ageing, your motivation for seeking cosmetic surgery is unique and the right cosmetic surgeon can help you realise your dreams.
Shawn Allen, a dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon at Washington University in St.