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Synonyms for cosmetic


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Synonyms for cosmetic

serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose

serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body

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"The longer you indulge in the practice of maintaining a cosmetic shell, the harder it is to recover when the shell eventually cracks."
"Other services we offer include GP, pharmacy or other optometric referrals, OCT with software analysis, prescribing eye-related prescription medicines, DVLA testing and occupational visual reports, specialist frame adaptions, sports vision, low vision aids, corneal topography, specialist medical service for keratoconus, post graft and irregular corneal contour, scleral lenses, cosmetic shell and artificial eyes.
The department offers four types of prostheses--artificial eyes, cosmetic shells, facial prostheses and gold eyelid weights.
Prosthetic eyes are built for patients who have had their eye removed, while cosmetic shells cater for those whose eye has been damaged through trauma or disease.
* A Connecticut maker of metal cosmetic shells had been using 1,1,1-tri, but was facing a labeling mandate in a VOC-sensitive state.
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