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Synonyms for cosmetic


Synonyms for cosmetic

serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose

serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body

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He explained that cosmetic operations need to be supervised by doctors, specialists and surgeons and not by beauty centre staff, and must be conducted only under the supervision of medical professionals.
In 2016, more than 11% of the total geriatric population in USA underwent some form of cosmetic operations according to ASAPS.
In a revealing interview about the condition, Mr Hughes explained how he had four cosmetic operations including a facelift, a nipple reduction, liposuction, and an operation to make his cheeks plumper.
His condition led to him having four cosmetic operations including a facelift, a nipple reduction, liposuction, and an operation to make his cheeks plumper.
Mehmood Hamid said Karachi traders were not fed up with the cosmetic operations against extortionists and tall claims of ministers and bigwigs.
The government is also considering the introduction of a breast implant registry to make a record of all cosmetic operations.
But when it comes to surgery there are horror stories -- at least half a dozen of them reported in recent years -- of people dying following backstreet cosmetic operations, often as a result of complications from anaesthesia.
Where the NHS reverses private cosmetic operations because of risks to the individual, the Health Secretary must negotiate a clear expectation that those costs will be reimbursed.
Few, though, will argue against the idea of there being restrictions on NHS cosmetic operations like tattoo removal, tummy tucks, boob and nose jobs.
In August 2009, a Chilean woman (43) died after three cosmetic operations.
It was not until he underwent a string of cosmetic operations in a carefully planned effort to hide his identity that he was eventually caught last week.
But gettingNHS funding for many larger cosmetic operations is often more difficult.
21) Furthermore, five separate studies, involving tens of thousands of patients, have found that individuals who receive cosmetic operations have a significantly increased risk for suicide later in life.
Mr Munro criticised the NHS in Scotland, where breast implants, nose jobs and tummy tucks are the most common cosmetic operations.
During peak seasons, the company has more than 100 employees, said Tommy Parsons, director of cosmetic operations.