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Synonyms for operation

Synonyms for operation

the way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions

Synonyms for operation

the state of being in effect or being operative

a business especially one run on a large scale

a planned activity involving many people performing various actions

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

a process or series of acts especially of a practical or mechanical nature involved in a particular form of work


Related Words

process or manner of functioning or operating

the activity of operating something (a machine or business etc.)

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21) Furthermore, five separate studies, involving tens of thousands of patients, have found that individuals who receive cosmetic operations have a significantly increased risk for suicide later in life.
Judge Darlow said Mrs Batt died on January 30, 1999, after undergoing an abdominoplasty - a cosmetic operation known as a tummy tuck.
It is the most common cosmetic operation for youngsters and is available for under-18s on the NHS.
Denise, 43, went into Salford's Hope Hospital four weeks ago for surgery to put right problems from the tummy tuck cosmetic operation in 2002.
She said: "I couldn't put myself through the risk for a cosmetic operation.
THE very first cosmetic operation was performed in the USA in 1827 by Dr John Mattauer, who fixed a cleft palate
Although surgery is more affordable and has lost much of its stigma, many men are still reluctant to admit to having had a cosmetic operation.
It is a cosmetic operation - one of the known side affects of penile enlargement is that it no longer functions sexually.
But it is more than a straightforward cosmetic operation because of the psychological and physical needs.
But there will also be surprise that she is to have a pounds 1000 cosmetic operation on the NHS.
This is a cosmetic operation to remove large, prominent warts.
On before this is a gruesome but compulsive documentary on the boom in illegal backstreet cosmetic operation in the US.
Cosmetic operations need to be supervised by medical staff and not by beauty salon employees
He explained that cosmetic operations need to be supervised by doctors, specialists and surgeons and not by beauty centre staff, and must be conducted only under the supervision of medical professionals.
More than USD 15bn were spent on cosmetic operations in USA along in 2016 according to ASAPS estimates.