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Synonyms for cosiness

a state of warm snug comfort

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It's fairto say I've seen more of Baz than he ever has Miek is responsible for sharing the Danish concept hygge - which means cosiness and togetherness ''
It looks fabulous on my bed and adds an extra layer of cosiness at night time.
Indeed, some hygge experts refer to the Danish concept of cosiness as the "candlelit uterus".
INVEST in a stylish rug to add a touch of cosiness and ambience to airy studio spaces with high ceilings.
Featuring 101 studio rooms and suites, two dining outlets, recreation and fitness facilities, The hotel is conveniently located within the Kinshasa city, or Gombe area in Kinshasa city and is in close proximity to the International Airport, Kin Plaza Arjaan by Rotana offers guests the cosiness and warmth of home, with the splendour and modern luxury that can only be offered at Rotana.
Seal maintained the symphony's serene and tranquil nature, never letting the music lapse into somnolence or generalised cosiness.
This hardback book is padded which suggests the warmth and cosiness of the nursery.
Despite the potentially chocolate-box Derbyshire setting, Steve Edge and Matt King (Peep Show's legendary Super Hans), who play uncles Fergie and Loz, do an excellent job of keeping the Starlings real enough so they don't sink into the comedy quicksand of cosiness.
The redesigned shop adds an extra dash of elegance and cosiness to assure a memorable experience for visitors.
On the other hand, the contraceptive could benefit those preferring cosiness to passion, the research claimed.
Summary: Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has said the cosiness of the coalition is over and there will be battles ahead.
18/20 ATMOSPHERE: There's a cosiness provided by the basement-like low brick wall ceilings and wooden beams and a calm, tranquility which comes with it.
With styles and designs to suit all tastes and interiors, Dimplex's electric fires not only create a wonderful feeling of comfort and cosiness, but also look great and are easy to use.
The stuffy atmosphere has long gone, replaced with a warm cosiness, brought about by lots of chocolate brown leather sofas, huge vases and wooden logs.
But cracks in their cosiness appear when thereOs a cancer diagnosis, the children do battle I and Mary is attracted to an arrogant hospital doc.