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Synonyms for cosiness

a state of warm snug comfort

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Lovely and pleasurabledecked in the 2ist century decor with many details on cosiness, splendour, luxury and class.
The waitresses (no waiters) wear old-style black uniforms with crisp white collars and aprons and are all on the matronly side, which adds to the general air of cosiness;It's like being served by your mum.
And while their delicious cosiness is more than welcome in winter, you now have the option of an electric cooker that won't pump out heat when the weather is warm.
He's responsible for sharing the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga, meaning cosiness and togetherness) with the world.
Capturing the warm cosiness of Christmas, it combines floral prints with a holly and bird applique finish.
Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word which can be described as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.
Like we said last week, layer your accessories and use different textures to really give you that cosiness.
Simply place the comforter over your normal duvet and sheets, adding an extra layer of cosiness to your bed.
Seal maintained the symphony's serene and tranquil nature, never letting the music lapse into somnolence or generalised cosiness.
This hardback book is padded which suggests the warmth and cosiness of the nursery.
The redesigned shop adds an extra dash of elegance and cosiness to assure a memorable experience for visitors.
On the other hand, the contraceptive could benefit those preferring cosiness to passion, the research claimed.
Summary: Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has said the cosiness of the coalition is over and there will be battles ahead.
18/20 ATMOSPHERE: There's a cosiness provided by the basement-like low brick wall ceilings and wooden beams and a calm, tranquility which comes with it.
The stuffy atmosphere has long gone, replaced with a warm cosiness, brought about by lots of chocolate brown leather sofas, huge vases and wooden logs.