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ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

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Solving equation (11) and equation (12) with the help of Cross Multiplication method, we get direction cosines of distance T1T2
It is needed to scale the boundary Dimension Cosine (BDC) with respect to altitude.
If Boundary Dimension Cosine (BDC) of both objects are not equal then one need to correct the position of altitude.
3] can be reached when all values: the average cosine of the A correlation coefficient cos([[sigma].
Determination of Average Cosine of A Correlation Coefficient cos([[sigma].
The uncertainty of determination of the average cosine cos([[sigma].
This generalization of the Pythagorean Formula is called The Law of Cosines.
In particular, we may ask how The Law of Cosines can be expressed for the triangle located in the plane by the three points [P.
Writing the terms of the Law of Cosines using the coordinate representations just obtained, and canceling like terms, we get that [x.
3) Can the LSA cosine ranges be evaluative--indicating strong, medium, weak or minimal levels?
In this space, the cosine between vectors corresponds to estimate semantic similarity.
The sine of the middle part equals the product of the cosines of the opposite parts.
I-J-K vectors are the cosine values of the X, Y, and Z angles.