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Synonyms for cosigner

one of two or more signers of the same document (as a treaty or declaration)


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a signer in addition to the principal signer (to verify the authenticity of the principal signature or to provide surety)

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If you're unable to get a cosigner, then you can try applying for loans from lenders that offer loans to people with bad credit scores.
As more private loan providers require a cosigner, it's increasingly important for borrowers to understand how this impacts the terms of the loan.
The interest rate of the loan is largely based on the credit history of the cosigner, who is also liable for the debt.
Bell's mother is listed as a co-debtor on some of the debt, mainly as cosigner on a $147,000 loan from One Bank & Trust of Little Rock.
One change resulting from the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 is that those under 21 need a cosigner or proof of an independent source of income to open a credit card account.
The mother about three years ago began to hit and pinch Tomoki around the time she discovered that her husband was a cosigner of one of his relatives' debts, according to sources.
Turkey, a close ally of yesterday, and Jordan, a cosigner to the Araba peace treaty, are both capable to make Israel rethink its actions
* prohibit creditors from issuing a credit card to a consumer who is under 21 unless the person can make the required payments or obtains the signature of a parent or other cosigner with the ability to do so,
Most Americans appear to be falling short in their consumption of EPA and DHA, which studies show are important for cardiovascular health and brain development," added Andrew Shao, PhD, vice president, scientific and regulatory affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and a cosigner of the petition.
Michaela Rice, a sophomore at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire had to rethink her borrowing after a student loan she had taken out with her father as cosigner evaporated because the lender was getting out of that business.
The federal loan programs are cheaper and have better repayment options than those of private lenders, says Kenney, which require a cosigner and are increasing their fees and costs.
"The cosigner may not want to fill out a Rental Application, but legally he or she needs to fill one out so you can check his or her credit.
Instead, the dealership said it had found a bank that would finance a new car for her if she found a cosigner. Her godmother, Pearlie Smith, agreed to cosign, and the dealership quickly sent her the paperwork.
However, his mother did meet it and offered to pay the rent as a cosigner on her son's lease agreement.