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The report argued that constitutional guarantees of freedom of belief and religion do not apply to the Baha'is and that the country is not bound under its commitment as a cosignatory to the U.N.
Mr Ahern was a cosignatory of the account from 1984 to 1992 and pre-signed most of the 1,615 cheques drawn on the account in that period.
Now the region's passenger transport body, Centro-PTA, has written to Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander insisting it must be a cosignatory of the new franchise.
As a humanist, I subscribe to, and would prefer that others would also nondogmatically subscribe to the Golden Rule (see Kinnier, Kernes, & Dautheribes, 2000) and the principles of the Humanist Manifesto II (American Humanist Association, 1973), of which Ellis was a cosignatory. The Humanist Manifesto II, which dates back to 1973, contains 17 secular humanist propositions covering the areas of religion, ethics, the individual, the democratic society, and the world community.
This means two things: first, each country chooses the country(ies) it wants to cooperate with and, second, the cooperation agreements generally provide that each country reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether it will cooperate with the cosignatory. The result of this is, first, that there are few agreements between developed and developing countries or between large and small countries.
According to Mikaela Engell at the Greenlandic foreign office, it is important that the agreement reflects that Greenland is to be regarded as a party in the agreement and a cosignatory, reported the Greenlandic online newsletter Radioavisen.
McCarthy, 46, was a cosignatory on the cheques and forged the signature of the deputy headmaster.