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conforming to dietary laws


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Left, Simone Schehtman and Michael Bryant with guests Sir Bernard Zissman, Nigel Cosher, Mat Burton, Teresa Dolan, Charli Jones, Menna Rees Steer, Andrew Sparrow, Howard Bradley and Nigel Hastilow Pictures, JOHN HIPKISS
You are back with your Christy now, give him and Cosher a little kiss from us.) - Love Christine, Paul, Jack, James xxxx.
You and Cosher can rebuild heaven together, but you will have to borrow someone else's tools to do it.
You are not on your own Christy, Cosher is waiting for us all.
The Scouse language for us was simply ECHO Cosher. We started the day with the noon ECHO, concerned exclusively with horse racing.
Both the ECHO and Express had a runner, a cosher who stood in the street entrance of their respective offices.
There were always at least 30 coshers trying to get their copies first.