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Synonyms for cosy

Synonyms for cosy

a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm

enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space


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The chocolate box cottage she ends up in is adorable and, even if you can't get Jude Law to come and stay, getting the cosey cute look is definitely achievable.
Glenn Cosey scored 21 points to lead the Colonels (7-4), while Orlando Williams added 13.
5 CARTER TUTTI VOID, TRANSVERSE (Mute) It was a busy year for Throbbing Gristle cofounder Cosey Fanni Tutti, who was the subject of an art book tribute (Cosey Complex, 2012) and seemed to pop up everywhere.
l Browns guard Cosey Coleman (knee), cornerback Ray Mickens (groin) and defensive end Orpheus Roye (knee) are questionable.
The first couple of CDs stand alone as examples of the pre-'quiet period', the trumpeter eschewing for much of the time his usual instrument in favour of some new Yamaha keyboards he had recently picked up in Japan, and the band bookended by the twin guitar attack of Reggie Lucas and Pete Cosey, with saxophonist Dave Liebman screeching and squalling above it all.
Ron Cosey, director of the company's minority purchasing program, stresses that "Our program is not a set-aside program," referring to those government contract programs that "set-aside" a certain percentage of large contracts for MBEs.
That's all the more remarkable when you consider that Pangaea is the funkiest, most overtly Hendrixy of these discs--a kind of Hendrix-meets-Trane hybrid, thanks to the presence of guitarists Pete Cosey and Reggie Lucas and saxophonist Sonny Fortune.
Guard Glenn Cosey made everything possible, attracting the defense of big man Daniel Orton that allowed him to lob a pass to Mbala underneath for the game-winning layup.
Although Love explores another friendship between two women, Christine and Heed Cosey, Morrison, at least theoretically, extends her belief in the power of friendship to include men as well, as long as the bond forms early enough.
The other race to catch the eye at the Kent track is the 8.07pm over 265 metres where one-time track champion Cosey Top makes his return after a couple of months off.
If you can't talk to them it is harder to make money.' She adopted the name Scarlett, partly in reference to her red hair but also as a play on scarlet woman and in tribute to the artist Cosey Fannitutti, who used it in her work.
Cosey, manager of Minority Purchasing, reports that the number of minority suppliers receiving million-dollar or multimillion dollar contracts is growing.
Within the show itself heterodoxy reigned, with fiber-art sculpture bumping up against Portapak videos playing alongside early photo-documentation of performance sharing wall space with sexually charged figurative painting--and nowhere more strikingly so than in the gallery juxtaposing the folksy Pop language paintings of Faith Ringgold with the confrontational porno spreads of Throbbing Gristle's Cosey Fanni Tutti.
Told by the women who loved him, this is the story of Bill Cosey, the charismatic owner of Cosey's Hotel And Resort, once the county's top spot for "coloured folk".
Lemon Jackson's first litter, by Top Honcho, had Cosey Top, winner of nine sprint and short four-bend opens, and a finalist in Milton Keynes's 440m Christmas Cracker.